11 things and then some

6 March , 2012

I was tagged by both Charlotte and Laura to do this one. 😉

The rules are:

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions given
  • Set 11 new questions
  • Tag 11 people

So here goes:

Laura’s questions:

  1. Whose wardrobe would you like to have a wander through? Mmm…I really don’t know…maybe Sandra Bullock
  2. Are your kitchen cupboards organised? Yip, but there aren’t that many so it’s not hard and I can’t afford not to. 😉
  3. You have a tank full of petrol and a day to yourself – where do you go? Just one tank? Then I’d go to Bella Bella a.k.a Warmbaths
  4. What would you cook for dinner tonight if all the ingredients were in your fridge when you go home? Chicken stir-fry with my cousin’s secret sauce to go with it.
  5. What are you most grateful for today? A fantastic holiday and a good job to come back to, and for my parents offering to get our laundry up to date!
  6. What can’t you forgive? Anything done maliciously against Nicola
  7. Would you consider being part of a reality TV show? I have always wanted to do Survivor, but not the SA one which is shit, the USA ones.
  8. Favourite pizza topping? Bacon, bacon and more bacon
  9. 3 of your favourite things? Bubble baths, thunder storms, frangipani blossoms
  10. Are you brave? I am…at times even a bit reckless. 😉 not so much now anymore, I’m all on the straight and narrow these days.
  11. Can you kill a spider? Depends what kind of spider. Smallish ones yes, big ones no. I don’t keep poison (doesn’t work anyway) I smack them to kingdom come with my book (Law Of Damages) I am most terrified of jumping spiders even though they are kind of small and I can kill them if I throw the book just right, but I think I would poooop my pants if a baboon spider/taruntula ever came into our house. I saw a couple of them as a kid in areas not too far from here. I can say without a doubt that I would not be able to even watch someone else kill one of those.

Charlotte’s questions:

1.If you were to have unlimited funds for a themed birthday party, what would the theme be and why? I’d have a beach party with a big bonfire on the actual beach and fly everyone important to me down there.
2.What is your fantasy job and why? Teacher, not so glamorous I know but I do love teaching. And writing, but writing what I want to. Both jobs you can’t make money doing. 😉
3.What is your ultimate favourite “me” thing to do? Switch my phone off and go sit and watch “my” waterfall at the botanical gardens for a day. Also ice skating, love that! Not that I’m very good at it.
4.What is your favourite item of clothing? My boots
5.If you were offered an extreme makeover, would you do it – if not, why? If so, what would you change about your appearance? No I wouldn’t, I like my bits and bobs where they nature put them. If I want to change something I just do it. Clothing make over maybe, cause there are plenty of things I’d buy if I had the money. Make up make over hell no! Won one once and the silly girl made me look like I had a face painted on and two spiders instead of eyes! I have long lashes already, mascara really doesn’t go well on me especially LOTS of it.
6.Summer or Winter? Why? Neither…I like spring and autumn, the other two are too extreme for me.
7.Have you ever met someone famous? Who and when? Mmm…not that I recall. Couple of rally drivers, does that count? We used to do time keeping on the rallies long ago. Oooh, and someone once tried to impress me by introducing me to some or another rugby player but it was a bit wasted on me since I don’t watch sport at all.  
8.What is your most cherished item? My camera phone, my most cherished person is of course Nicola!
9.What is your greatest fear? That someone hurts or kills any of the people that are precious to me. Or that one of them gets really ill and I have to watch them suffer without being able to do anything about it.
10.What motivates or inspires you? I am motivated by recognition and respect (and the lure of adventure), and I find people who take a knock and refuse to stay down inspirational.
11.How many pairs of shoes do you own!? 2 sets of boots, 2 sets of slippers, 2 sets of ice skates, a set of hiking boots, a set of safety shoes, 6 pairs of high heel shoes, 4 pairs of sandals, 4 pairs of flip flops, one set of running shoes, one set of just tekkies…24? More or less, there might be more in my car. I love shoes.

And now my 11 people:

  1. Marcia
  2. Julia
  3. Angel
  4. Cat
  5. Jenty
  6. Tamara
  7. Phillygirl
  8. Rubyletters
  9. Arkwife
  10. Rebecca 
  11. adesolaf (in the comments if you don’t have your own blog is fine)

And my 11 questions:

  1. What is your favourite desert?
  2. Who is the person you miss most? (dead or alive)
  3. What is the last thing that made you laugh (hard belly laugh…not a giggle)
  4. Are you left handed or right handed?
  5. What is your favourite quote of all time?
  6. How long does it take you in the morning from getting up to go?
  7. They say everyone has at least one book/novel in them. If you ever got round to writing yours, what would it be about?
  8. What do you consider comfort food?
  9. What are you wearing today?
  10. How much do you spend a month on groceries? (include take out and restaurants)
  11. Where is your happy place?




  1. Post 11 things about yourself

    I love shoes (a lot, especially if they have high heels), I once bought 6 pairs of shoes in one day and 3 more a few days later (hand covering my eyes in shame)

    I would rather do grocery shopping than clothes shopping

    I hate window shopping (almost like looking at a yummy dessert and not eating it, too much punishment)

    I used to be a step “junkie” until I injured my knee and I had withdrawal symptons for a very very very very long time: at the peak of my “addiction” I used to do 8 classes a week 😉

    I love taking pictures of everything and and anything, I am one of those who would whip out my camera at a function and take more pictures than the official photographer, I once attended a friend’s party and took over 150 pictures, didn’t realise it until I was trying to put them on a CD for her 🙂

    I can’t ride a bicycle even if my life depended on it (high on my list of 2012 goals)

    I don’t like snakes or anything that crawls or looks slimy (I refuse to even watch them on TV or look at pictures). I delete emails that contain them, truthfully I think hate would be a better word than don’t like (but my dear hubby thinks hate is too much of a strong word), they make me cringe and I feel like I am going to drop dead

    I eat the same thing for breakfast most mornings (5 to 6 time a week), and have been doing for about 3 years now: a cup of special K flakes and half a cup of easygest milk (boring), I am not a bacon and eggs breakfast type of girl

    I am a lawyer, but now work as a banker (two parallel lines)

    I am a very loyal and helpful friend (I hope my friends would think the same), I go out of my way to help

    My favourite movies are romantic comedies, but my 2 favourite movies of all times are – Schindler’s list and The Godfather (weird I know and not romantic comedies)

    Bonus: I drink only water and juice (and in winter, infusions), no tea, coffee, wine for me

  2. Now to answer your 11 questions:

    What is your favourite desert?
    Brownies (recently got a recipe for gluten free brownies, yum)

    Who is the person you miss most? (dead or alive)
    Sorry not one person, my parents and my brother and sister (they are about 6 hours away by air)

    What is the last thing that made you laugh (hard belly laugh…not a giggle)
    A blog post I read, here’s the weblink: http://melindasmemoirsmumbled.blogspot.com/2011/10/your-vagina-said-all-that.html I laughed so hard I had tears running down my eyes (and I am doing that again right now, as I read it again), it’s quite a long post, but the funniest part is the very last line!!!!

    Are you left handed or right handed?
    Very right handed, my left hand is quite “useless” 😉

    What is your favourite quote of all time?
    I have one or many actually but cant think of any right now (weird, so maybe I don’t have one)

    How long does it take you in the morning from getting up to go?
    It depends, but I can get ready in 10 to 15 mins if I have to (since I only do my make up when I get to where I am going, or in the car if I am not the one driving)

    They say everyone has at least one book/novel in them. If you ever got round to writing yours, what would it be about?
    Anything with a happy ending (I have an interesting imagination, so it would have all the required heartbreaks in between to fill up the pages but definitely happy ending)

    What do you consider comfort food?
    Anything sweet (I am a sweet tooth)

    What are you wearing today?
    A black trouser suit

    How much do you spend a month on groceries? (include take out and restaurants)
    No exact figure but somewhere between R2500 and R3000 or more or even less (as I tend to do bulk shopping when non perishable items are on sale, I like a good bargain)

    Where is your happy place? Anywhere peaceful that I can take wonderful pictures (rolling hills, glorious skies, waterfalls, people going about their normal business)

  3. Just read that post you linked to – Mwahahahaha! Very funny, thanks for that! 😆

    And thank you for answering all my questions.

  4. I really enjoyed catching up with your blog my friend. Your daughter remains so adorable and you are a babe of note!!!

    Post 11 things about yourself

    1. I can look at the sea for hours but I don’t wanna swim in it.
    2. I give much easier than I take.
    3. Talking on the phone makes me anxious.
    4. I read rather than watch TV.
    5. I love all things purple.
    6. I don’t like processed meat.
    7. I can bake but not cook, but I seldom do either.
    8. I appear to have reached a stage of early empty nest syndrome by 38.
    9. I am attached to my Black Berry.
    10. I am writing from Mosselbay today.
    11. I would like to go quad biking with Noid.

  5. Aw thank you Wenchy! 😀
    When are you back from Mosselbaai?

  6. […] was recently tagged by Sharon and Louisa to do this […]

  7. I used to be a real summer bunny. When I was thin. Now I can’t stand the heat – it has gotten WAY TOO HOT and DRY. I love Winter. That damn bacon is the only thing stopping me from becoming a vegetarian. Oh, and I would TOTALLY have my b.oo.bs done. And lipo.

  8. I hear you on the bacon thing…not that I have ever considered becoming a vegetarian. We don’t have any in my family. One of my cousins once declared he was going that way but after a week or so he realised he doesn’t actually eat vegetables and he got tired of peanut butter sandwiches and reverted back to the omnivore ways. 😉

  9. Julia, there are certain bits of me that aren’t exactly where I want them but the problem I see with corrective surgery is that the guys never stich the damn things back exactly where you want them. I know quite a few people who have had something nipped or tucked and it ALWAYS looks a bit off afterwards.

    Worst case I saw was nipples that didn’t sit centre anymore – I would not be happy at all if something like that ever happened to me. Another girl I know had two bouts of lipo, and while it looked great when she happened to be skinny, the moment she evn picked up half a kilo it looked really bad because the extra fat didn’t distribute evenly over the remaining fat cells. It would go sit in a lump somewhere instead of just rounding out a bit. I generally don’t care what other people’s bottoms look like but that is the stuff of nightmares!

  10. Thanks for joining in 🙂

    Love the answers!!!

    • Thanks for tagging me. 😉

  11. I am definitely one of your “people” 🙂

    Will do in, oh, about 3 weeks’ time – I KID!

  12. Marcia, you have been mighty quiet this week or is it just my imagination? I will patiently await all your answers. 😉 And of course you are one of my people! 😀

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