Home sweet home : 4th of March

5 March , 2012

We left just after 06:00 in the pouring rain after our fantastic vacation.


Poor Nicola was not impressed with being strapped in for a long car ride again and spent most of the way home begging me to get her loose.


I distracted her as well as I could and just refused when that didn’t work anymore. There were a few minutes when she got out…she told me her throat was sore and then started throwing up!

I’m feeling a bit under the weather too but I hope it’s just a quick thing that will blow over for both of us.


“Gou gou huis toe ry mamma” – Nicola on the tractor in Harrismith.

Anyway…we got home safe and relaxed after our week away. It was great to sleep in my own bed again last night.

Now for my next trick – getting back into the swing of things at work. 😉



  1. Welcome home after your divine holiday! You are right. Despite everything, there is no better place than ones own bed.

    Hope today is not too bad for you. Just take it nice and slowly.

    • Thanks! I’ll try my best to do just that. So far traffic is pretty hairy so I might only get there this afternoon.

  2. oh my hat! VOMIT!

    Please get well soon 🙂

    SOOO nice to have you back home LOL

    • I’m feeling like a million bucks again today, thanks Marcia! 🙂

  3. The pictures were all divine, especially the sunrise ones!!!!

    I love this picture of Nicola holding onto her giraffe (I hope that’s what it is) like she’s holding on for dear life 😉

    Hope it wasn’t too hard getting back into the groove of work and Nicola back to school?

    • That is in fact a giraffe…well spotted! 🙂

      I had a rough first day. It started off with 2,5 hours of peak hour traffic and then every single instruction or arrangement I made for while I was gone went pear shaped cause people can’t bloody read.

      By lunch time I was ready to kick a dent in something. Many people got to see the dark side today.

      Nicola had a good first day back though. 😉

  4. 🙂

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