Day 8 : 3rd of March

3 March , 2012



The latest I slept all vacation. πŸ˜‰


After coffee we kicked off our day in the pool of course. You may or may not have noticed that we mostly swam in the pool and almost all of my sea photos are taken from the walkway? Well you see on our first day Nicola got knocked over by a little wave and since then she has point black refused to set foot on the actual beach, although she’s happy to traipse along the promenade for kilometers on end.


After our swim we went for a spot of shopping with Ouma and left Oupa to watch his sport in peace. Not to be outdone by everyone else grabbing a bag this is how we rolled.


I’ve really been craving a waffle. So om Marcia’s recommendation we popped into Milk Cafe’.


Great choice! Success. πŸ˜€


I wanted to go dip my toes in the big blue one more time…I tried to get Nicola to join me but this is about how deep I could get her to go.


So imagine my surprise when instead of our normal afternoon nap she told me she wanted to go back to the sea. She got drenched and was laughing all the way. We started out running away from the waves. Not long after we were running into them. We just made sure to hold her one hand at all times so she couldn’t get knocked over again.


I took her back to the flat to get dry and hopefully settle down for that nap…but NO, she insisted on putting on a swim suit and dragging Oums down for a run in the waves too!


Then we checked out some tide pools filled with tiny little fish (and.more toe dipping as you can see). πŸ˜‰


After that there was more pool swimming and eventually that long anticipated afternoon nap. In the background you can see that cyclone storm starting to build…Nicola was still trying to drag us all back to the beach for another swim, even in the rain! Took her a while to warm up to it, but when she finally got there she really felt quite passionately about it. πŸ˜‰


There’s that storm building nicely now. At the time when I took this Sparrow was telling me that people from low laying areas were being evacuated. I don’t know how much lower than beach front you can get but we felt perfectly safe enough to stay. I’m sure wherever these people are they must be experiencing much worse weather than we are? I hope everyone is safe. (this is a bit exciting for me though…I’ve never been this close to a cyclone before)

Anyhoo, we’re all packed up. Tomorrow morning we’ll have a quick coffee and hit the road back to Jhb. And then back to the salt mines on Monday…hard to believe it’s time for that already.



  1. I’m soooo glad you went to Milk Cafe πŸ™‚ It’s lovely, isn’t it? And FREE wifi πŸ™‚

    So glad you had such a wonderful holiday. It sounds divine!

    • It really was lovely but wifi would not have helped me…I was Nicola wrestling. πŸ˜‰

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