Day 4 : Tuesday the 28th

29 February , 2012

We got up early and Nicola came with me to watch the sunrise over the ocean.

It’s funny that I switched my alarm off and still managed to get up even earlier than that every single morning to watch the sun come up anyway? (now watch me battle to get up when we get home and I need to) 😉

With this walk way along the beach and the charming lights along it there is almost always someone walking or jogging past no matter what time of the day it is. We were sitting there watching the scenery and the people and I felt Nicola just relaxing against me as we took it all in. Is there any feeling better than the complete trust you get from a child? That little body with the big heart and how they just believe everything will be okay as long as they’re with you…

Once the other kids were up and about too we had breakfast and got ready for our outing to Ushaka Marine World.


Nicola loved the penguins! (I found them a bit smelly but oh well?) 😉


The aquarium was also a big hit of course.


My favourite sea creature. They have a couple of enormous ones here and I could have watched them for hours. (Nicola calls them Crushies).


We watched the seal and the dokphin shows too, but by the time it was the dolphins certain pink terrorists were definitely feeling the call of s loiming naptime already.


The dolphins, my other favourite, as akways amazing to see. This time it felt like the trainers were doing more tricks than the actual dolphins but I would have enjoyed watching them fool around amongst themselves too (the dolphins, not the trainers) so it was still cool for me. 😉

Don’t you just love the look of that pool? I could swim in that.


After the show we said goodbye and headed back to the flat. Nicola had a fantastic 3 hour nap and I joined her for at least 2 of them.

Bliss… 🙂


We went for a short walk along the beach. We would have gone further but the wind had really picked up a bit and we all decided to head back.


Some of us needed a bit of extra convincing. 😉

Another gorgeous day weather wise (except for the wind in the afternoon) and some quality R&R had by all.




  1. OH MY GOSH, those delicious 3-hour naps.

    I miss them!

    • Marcia, I love love LOVE afternoon naps!

  2. Fantastic holiday and I love those turtles too

    • Cat, they are just so gorgeous… 🙂

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  4. […] 11 bloggers that commented on my blog) 1. Anita 2. Seriously Sassy Mama 3. Liz 4. Vannessa 5. Louisa 6. TJ 7. Spirited Mama 8. Sharon 9. Melany 10. A little less Fluff […]

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