Day 3 : 27th of February

28 February , 2012


It was already HOT by the time we got up good and proper so Nicola and I started our day in the pool while my folks slept s bit more.

When we got back to the flat we all agreed that a road trip was in order so that we could enjoy the aircon and keep Nicola out of the sun a bit.

With no clear destination in mind we headed out and ended up here:


Where we met this man who was our tour guide:


What an inspirational guy! Firstly, because he clearly loves his job and knows just about EVERYTHING there is to know about reptiles and critters. Secondly, he does it all on one leg and two crutches and he doesn’t let himself be held back by it. He sails in and out of enclosures with great ease and he even showed us one of the ponds that he’s busy fixing cause it sprang a leak!

He told us more than we ever wanted to know about snakes and he was very funny and interactive while doing it. A great excursion, I’m glad we went.


After lunch Nicola and I went for another walk and I finally managed to get a few photos of her with the big blue behind her too. 😉


A big day… 🙂

Early to bed – tomorrow we’re doing Ushaka Marine World!


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