Day 2 : Sunday 26th

26 February , 2012

I really thought I’d only do a photo or two a day on here for you, but we had such a lovely day I’m having a hard time choosing just one.

Look at that sunrise!


I did get the occasional odd look from passers by…you’d swear they’ve never seen soneone watching the sun rise on the beach in their pajamas before. 😉


Nicola and I set off on mission go build a sand castle, but the actual see and sand intimidates her a bit so ended up taking a long leisurely stroll down the pronenade instead.


Probably a good thing if you look at what washef out on the beach…that right there is a world of pain!


And anyway…we REALLY enjoyed our walk.


Later on a dear old friend whom I haven’t seen in ages dropped by and I finally got to meet her husband too. It was great to catch up a bit.


Nicola has also discovered the joy of climbing…it’s been interesting and nerve wracking for me. 😐


And even though she doesn’t want to swim in the sea, she’s very happy to splash around in the pool.


After dinner we took Ouma and Oupa along for another nice long walk. Just perfect. I wish we could go for walks like that at home too…

Maybe it’s time to start doing that when we get back? 😉



  1. OOOOHHHHH. I am so jealous.

    I so miss that promenade and the daily walks. I just said to D, should we go to Ballito again in April? and he said, you don’t want to wear out your welcome!!!!

    Still, I will think of that beautiful sunrise in the midst of secret company stress and dream…. and I don’t think pjs on the beach is weird, but I do get how others might!

    • Marcia, I am LOVING it here! I don’t see how you could wear out your welcome here at all. 😉

      I don’t see anything wrong with PJs on the beach either.

  2. Oh that looks fanastic. I wish I was there… Oh and we carry a bottle of stingose in the beach bag dorvauchie goggos and blue bottles

    • Cat, I heard vinegar works really well for that kind of sting…we saw a doccie on it once so I made sure we had some in the flat. Still I’d like to avoid finding out how well it works if possible.

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