Thursday – that’s more like it! (2 sleeps now)

23 February , 2012

This is what a pink terrorist with a good mood looks like. 😉

20120116_192509So last night we went for dinner at my folks, and Nicola who was somewhat calmer than in the morning (only one smallish tantrum all evening about clothes) fell asleep in my mom’s arms shortly after dinner. If your kid’s like my kid, you know when they suddenly start dropping long before bedtime there’s a sicky coming…enter the cough.

Not cool.

When we got home I gave her some cough syrup and hoped for the best (sort of expecting the worst). Well, modern day miracle I tell you – she slept like a champ. Didn’t even wake up once during the night and woke up in a great mood and no cough this morning. Not good…GREAT! She even let me dress her, brush her hair, brush her teeth, change her nappy, make the bed (she helped), pack bags and get ready myself with not even a smidgeon of fuss or unhappiness. It was amazing! If every morning could start this way i could be a morning person too.

I mentioned to the teacher that she fell asleep so early last night and she then told me that Nicola flatly refused to take an afternoon nap yesterday. Apparently the closest they could convince her of having one was getting her to sit on her matress with her arms folded saying “NO! I don’t want to!”

Anyway, back to this morning. I really wanted to get to work on time (08:00) for a change because we were having a little farewell for one of our team members (and I had the cake in my car!). Of course when you’re in a hurry all the idiots on the road will line up in front of your car to frustrate you. I had some colourful things to say about it on Twitter while I was stuck, but I did eventually get to the office about 15 minutes late, 20 points higher blood pressure no doubt – but most importantly, in one piece without having strangled anyone else either. (I know right? I’m so zen I surprise myself some days.) And the cake was on time enough for everyone to eat it, so all good.

On a completely unrelated topic (sorry for the hop around), last night my gran said something which really raised my hackles. I’m actually so bothered about it that I still can’t get it out of my head. Without going into the details of how such a thing came under discussion, (just rest assured that it didn’t have anything personally to do with me), this is what she said: “Louisa, I’m 80 not 30, and from personal experience I can tell you that a marriage will never work if the couple lives in a house that’s owned by the woman. As soon they fight she’ll just kick him out if she’s not dependent on him.”  

In my mind’s eye, somewhere a pile of bras is smouldering for nothing…



  1. Ag no, she is being rediculous! And so glad Nicola is better

  2. That’s what I thought too. 😉

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