And there you have it

16 February , 2012

20120109_055010I didn’t post yesterday because I felt really crap after my dentist appointment. I didn’t even feel like talking to people face-to-face and somehow that went for online too.

So blow by blow, here’s what happened:

  • I rocked up at 08:00 and psycologically prepared myself for my 8:30 appointment
  • The dentist explained to me the problem and what he thought would be the best solution depending on what he found once he started drilling
  • He number up my gums and used a drip of some sorts to kill all the feeling in my teeth (it actually knocked out the entire right side of my face)
  • He drilled…and drilled…and drilled some more
  • He said that a root canal was not needed and that he would do the porcelain inlay (whoop that it’s R2000 cheaper, not whoop that the medical does pay any of that…oh well guess I’ll get some back from SARS then?)
  • Then he took a whole bunch of 3D pics of my teeth and the machine designs a proper replacement piece for all the bits he removed
  • While I waited (about 10 mins) a laser cut this piece in the next room
  • There was talk of bonding agents and what not and a lot of equipment in my mouth, followed by bright lights to dry it and help it set (at this point I have to remark that my dentist has an incredible set of “guns” on him. I don’t think he gets that from working on people’s teeth πŸ˜‰ )
  • I went to work, and tried my best to put in a somewhat productive day but I felt completely out of it plus I couldn’t move my mouth at all and my cheek started swelling up beautifully too.
  • Eventually I got sent home because everyone could see that I was feeling horrible
  • The feeling only returned to my face at about 14:00 and I felt completely out of it until I went to bed last night (in fact I promptly passed out cold on my parents’ couch when we went there for dinner last night)…and THIRSTY! I thought I was going to burst at some point from all the fluids but I kept having more.
  • My dad said I should tell the dentist that the meds affected me so badly because it’s not meant to be that way?
  • This could just be for today, but my hair is acting starngely after the visit too. Could be my imagination…I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I picked Nicola up from school yesterday (as always) and we chatted in the car about her day (as always). I always ask her who she played with, what did she do, and what did they eat during the day. Some days I think she just makes stuff up to tell me. If I am to believe everything as gospel they have salad every day (the teacher tells me this isn’t true and even when they do have it’s just a spoon or two to get them used to the taste). Yesterday she told me she ate: a banana, cereal, a sandwich, salad, vegetables and meat. When I asked her what meat she told me she had mud…which eventually turned out to be mince! πŸ˜†

Ooh, yes…and whatΒ I wanted to tell you was that when I got to the school Nicola was on the jungle gym and i thought I’d get a few sneak photos in before she sees me (she’s feeling a bit camera shy at the moment). The other kids on there unfortunately clued her in on what I was up to soΒ I only got a few good ones. Then they all wanted to see,Β so I showed them…I also took one of them to show them that too. First photo there were three other kids on there. By the time I showed that one to them there were seven! All wanting to be photographed too. Nicola looked at them like they were mad, and obviously didn’t have someone at home who tried to take a million photos of them every day. I think maybe I should make a habit of showing her the photos I take in future, maybe she’ll warm up to the idea again.

Anyhoo, one more sleep till Friday. Hang in there kids. πŸ˜‰


  1. Ouch! LOL about the mince πŸ™‚

  2. You poor thing! You were crazy to go to work – I make all dentist appts at 2 pm and go home afterwards. Even if just a clean-up I have to gear myself up so much I am FINISHED afterwards and need a little afternoon off πŸ™‚

    The kids also like to see the pics on the phone afterward – instant gratification?

  3. I am seeing the dentist tomorrow!!!

  4. Oh I hope you feel better.

  5. Sjoe. I really hope you feel better today. I got the shivers reading about your dental visit. I usually make my appointments on a Friday afternoon and go straight home afterwards. Oh, and I make sure to eat A LOT beforehand. Just in case I can’t eat afterwards. Learned the hard way that being in pain AND hungry after a dental procedure is a special kind of hell.
    My Child2 takes pics of EVERYTHING all the time. He is using an old phone that none of us use. Seriously. He even takes pictures of his toes! And then he gets soooooo excited when he shows us the blurry image. I think it is instant gratification.

  6. Jenty, I’m not a big fan of mince wither…I get it. πŸ˜‰

    Marcia, so far it’s working out better to show her the pics afterwards. If she really likes a picture she’ll even give it a kiss. πŸ˜€

    Wenchy, good luck!

    Cat, feeling much better thank you.

    Julia, that is so cute! Hahaha, luckily everything is digital nowadays right? imagine you had to pay for development of loads of blurry images! I haven’t taken a film photo in over 10 years and I still have undeveloped rolls lying around.

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