Busy week ahead! And some general chin-up-ness.

7 February , 2012

More photos from the old phone…don’t get too excited but there are only two more posts after this one with old photos to do. 😉 If you’re wondering what Nicola is doing in that second photo…she’s holding a play phone up to her eyes and saying, “Smile!” Hehehe…

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So this week finds me in a much better head space which is always good. I guess we all have our off days (or weeks), and I am grateful that my turn is over for a bit now. It’s a good thing too because this week that we’re in is up to the gills with things to do and places to be so it just makes it a bit easier to get to everything when your lip isn’t dragging on the floor.

I just wanted to tell you about a few funny things people said to me over the weekend too, just cause I got such a kick out of it. 😆

  • On Sunday, my dear friend Jacky came over for breakfast. It’s been a while since we saw each other and she totally made my day when she said, “Ek dog ek kom kuier vir Suzy. Hallo Sue…waar’s die zee? Ek sal meer gereeld moet kom kuier voor jy heeltemal wegraak!” (This might make more sense to you if you know that we know each other from boarding school and that my nickname used to be Suzy-Wang). Bless you Jacky!  I’m nowhere near to disappearing but it’s very kind of you to say so. 😆
  • And on Sunday night I was having a Whatsapp chat to a friend about a squabble I was having with someone and I asked him what he thought about it. He said he was not getting involved in a war and he was determined to be Switzerland on this one. 😆 I do not see him as Switzerland by the way (also there is no war). So I asked him which country he though I might be…he reckons I could be Cuba! I’ve read the Wiki page…I think some of that could be me, others not so much. Which country would you be if you gave it human characteristics?




  1. I had to go away and think about it, but I think I will be Italy. On the surface very 1st world, behind the scenes everything is it always working so well…. And having great food and art helps.

  2. Ok that was everything is not always working so well.

  3. I didn’t know you went to boarding school?!

    I don’t know about a country, but maybe Singapore – seriously organised and efficient. Although this makes me sound very boring. Singapore with a touch of Brazil – does the passion make it any better?

    In terms of cities, I’ve been told I’m a New York person – demanding, fast, go-getter, on the go… gosh, that also doesn’t make me sound good!

    Cuba sounds great!

  4. Yip…I was mostly there for 4 years. What an adventure! 😉

    Why would being a go getter be bad?

  5. cat, for some reason my spam catcher got uptight on all your comment. Sorry about that!

    Italy sounds really good. I have a personal rule that I can never work for Italians again…it gets quite loud when we passionately disagree about something. Then again it’s all loud even when there’s no disagreement. 😉

  6. Mmmm….I think I am brazil. Passionate and soulful and modern and traditional all at once.
    Had no idea you went to boarding school. Would you send Nicola? And where does Suzy-Wang come from?

  7. Cool on the Brasil choice! I don’t know if I’d send Nicola. I would prefer not to, but it’s really her choice. My dad went from grade 1 since he grew up on a farm and i always knew that i would go when I went to high school. the year before I was meant to go my parents kind of changed their minds but by then i was hell bent on going so they let me. I had a blast! Suzy-Wang was given to me probably because I had a chinese bob the day I enrolled and it reminded one of the teachers of an actress named Suzy-Wang. Eventually it just became Suzy…Suzzers…Suze. I was lucky, some of the others had some real whoppers!

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