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2 February , 2012

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What a week (so far)!

I feel like a curl up in a fetus position and suck my thumb evening might be in order, so I hope Nicola will want to play along and go to bed early tonight so I can do it without her laughing at me. 😉 

Yesterday her teacher told me that they were busy practicing some fine motor skills. Part of it was tearing of a piece of paper. The teacher would go sit next to each kid separately and show them what she wanted them to do. Nicola was just not in the mood for it I guess? (she had a pretty restless night before and was all kinds of moody when she woke up). After careful instruction on how to tear the paper and a little demonstration it was her turn. She said “No!”, smashed it into a ball and threw it to the other side of the room. (Hey, everyone has an off day now and then).

Well today I feel like throwing the paper ball to the other side of the room. And then I want it to give me a cuddle afterwards and tell me everything is going to be okay. I see some rescue remedy in my future, or possible chocolate, or both…(can you say eeeeemoooh?)

I am grateful that tomorrow is Friday and that my weekend has a lot of R & R scheduled in it, with a side order of some laughs and friendly hugs. (I could do with a really good hug, or possibly more than one) (some wine wouldn’t hurt either).

Right. I’m done whining now. As you were.



  1. I’ve had quite the crappy day too. Will blog after my coaching appt…

    Do you have chocolate?

    I, of course, went into an organising frenzy when I got home – sorted out the pantry, kids’ toys, baked some biscuits, and now I’m calm 🙂

  2. I have a little bit left now, thank Marcia…I’m not proud to admit that Nicola brought home 3 party packs this week from school and that helped a lot. 😉

  3. So sorry you had suck a crappy week. That totally screens wine and chocolate

  4. PMS?

  5. Cat, I had the chocolate at least 😉

    Angel, not even close!

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