List update – End of January

1 February , 2012

Aah January…beathe in…breathe out…since I still have plenty to keep myself busy with on this list I felt no compulsion whatsoever to make any new year’s resolutions at all. Bliss! 😀

201108072686What I have done in August:

1. Start writing poetry again

2. Buy a tumble drier

3. Take Nicola to go visit my grandmother in Thabazimbi

What I have done in September:

4. Grow a veggie garden

What I have done in October:

5. Sort out my bookshelf situation

6. Chuck everything unflattering out of my wardrobe

7. Stop smoking (again)

7. Buy a couch

What I have done in November:

8. Grow a herb garden – 13/11 (Thanks Tamara!)

What I have done in December:

9. Organise a really awesome birthday party for Nicola

10. Make some new MP3 disks for the car

11. Open a savings account for Nicola

What I have done in January

12. Begin…and finish reading at least 12 books – #1 The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD #2 Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson #3 Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Part 6 of 3, And Another Thing…by Eoin Colfer #4 The complete practical encyclopedia of Bonsai by Ken Norman #5 House Rules by Jodi Picoult #6 Easyway to stop smoking by Allen Carr #7 The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn #8 The witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho #9 Greywalker by Kat Richardson #10 I want my Life back by Steve Hamilton #11 Spud Learning to Fly by John van de Ruit #12 Worth Dying For by Lee Child

13. Get Nicola’s vaccinations up to date

14. Start teaching Nicola how to swim – we officially started swimming lessons at a school

What I still intend to do this year (in no particular order):

  1. Move to a 2 bedroom place
  2. Maintain an actual hairstyle (possibly the one you see me sporting in this photo) – had a refresher cut on 9/12
  3. Print some photos for our albums – busy editing like crazy
  4. Lose another 5kg (hopefully around my non-existent middle) – I am back to 5 to lose on this one
  5. Find a job/career I love – Plan is in process. Macgafter (CSP Boiler) is being tested. Presentations are being compiled. World domination is imminent!
  6. Have a beach holiday and relax – Looks like end Feb for this one
  7. Have at least 4 weekends away – 3/11 Nylstroom weekend
  8. Go and see at least 2 movies in a cinema – 6/1 – Puss in Boots
  9. Keep my car clean (inside and outside) – Dismal fail
  10. Get Nicola potty trained – Good progress this month, she now asks to go to the loo fairly often
  11. Have a birthday party for myself
  12. Update my will
  13. Take or have taken more photos of Nicola and myself together – This is going very well so far
  14. Wear a dress now and then (at least on Spring day and Valentines day) – 1/9 Spring day skirt wearing *check* – 25/10 Wore a skirt again (no pics this time sorry) – 11/12 Wore a long-ish skirt to lunch
  15. Make homemade gifts for my very special people – Ongoing
  16. Go to church more often (this will not be hard to do since we didn’t go when we were sick, and we were mostly sick) – 22/1 attended a service at a different church, still not the right fit for us
  17. Random acts of kindness whenever I can – this went very well for January
  18. At least one grand adventure!
  19. Put a serious dent in my debt
  20. Stop smoking (again)

So out of the 12 months I have to get this list done we’re in month 6, the halfway mark…so ideally I should be about halfway with the list too if I want to hit all my targets. That would be 17, and I’m only on 14…tsk-tsk. I better pick up the pace a bit! (I have to be honest and tell you that although I am working on the smoking one I have more or less lost hope on the keeping my car clean item).



  1. you make me laugh – for me, keeping my car clean is easy but a lot of the other stuff takes HARD work 🙂

    And thanks again for our not-so-random acts of kindness.

    PS did you get a little something in the mail?

  2. You are doing so well!

  3. Marcia, you’re very welcome. 😉 I’m terrible when it comes to collecting my mail. I don’t want to lie, but I think I go to the box maybe once a month and usually it’s just full of junk mail and a few lost bills that I got by email too. I only ever go if I know something good is coming – so I’ll go check tonight. 😀

    Julia, thanks! 🙂

  4. Awesome list of things to do this year!

  5. Thanks Chris 😀 I really hope I hit most of them – so far so good.

  6. I like that you manage to mark something off every month!

  7. Me too…subconsciously i may have set them up that way? 😉

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