Chomper Update

1 February , 2012

Photos unrelated of course.

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So I went to the dentist this morning because of my sore mouth situation. They did one of those proper cleanup and polish manouvres on my teeth. Seriously that machine sounds like a thousand angry kittens let loose on a blackboard…*shudder*

The lady said that actually it doesn’t look too bad and the issue I’m currently experiencing is inflammation of my gums. That is why my entire mouth hurts. This can theoretically be sorted out with salt water rinsing a couple of times a day until the whole business calms down again.

It would have been just delightful if the story ended there, wouldn’t it? Well it doesn’t. She then took some x-rays of my teeth just to be on the safe side and found that one of my teeth actually does have a cavity (my first so it’s a bit traumatic) and even though I am experiencing no pain on that one whatsoever the situation is getting very close to the nerve where, from all accounts, all hell will break loose. Best case scinario I will have to go back once I get authorisation from my medical aid to get that drilled and filled. Worst case scinario I will have to get a root canal and some other fancy dental work done.

They will send me a quotation for the worst case scinario and once authorised I will make an appointment and get it sorted. “Good times”. Please keep your fingers crossed that this turns out to be a best case scinario. I haven’t had a root canal before either but it sounds much more unpleasant than a filling.



  1. I really hope so for you. Dentalstuff is the worst

  2. My root canal is what changed my dental habits for the good…. as I didn’t want to ever go through that again. The dentist was horrible though šŸ™‚

    Hopefully yours is a best-case scenario.

    Also… lenamed for tooth pain is excellent!

  3. Sjoe. Good luck?
    Am meant to have my wisdom teeth removed. While I’m not in any discomfort I’m finding it easier to be in denial. Can’t stand people working in my mouth!

  4. cat, I think it will be okay *fingers crossed* it took a long time to get to this stage, so hopefully if it carries on at the same pace I have time to catch it at “just a filling” stage.

    Marcia, I’ve got some Andolex to numb up my mouth a bit till it all settles. It feels a helluva lot better today already. I’m just waiting for that quote and then i can hopefully but this behind me for a bit as well.

    Julia, oooh ouch! I had those yanked when I was still in high school. Unpleasant for sure since some of mine were already compacted and had to be drilled out. It won’t get better on its own – rip the plaster off my friend!

  5. Your first cavity!? Really!? Wow!

  6. Angel, yip…let’s hope this new thing doesn’t become a trend.

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