Crazy weekend and the latest Nicola funnies

30 January , 2012

This is still one of the old phone pics – I love it. 🙂

201111013932Lets start at the beginning (as one does). On Friday when I picked Nicola up from school her teacher commented to me that Nicola was really very funny that day. When I asked her why she told me that during the day she was asking the class to put away some toys and Nicola, out of nowhere, turned around and waved her finger at the teacher and said, “Hey! Jy’s cheaky.” as she was telling me this she was laughing so much it took a while to get through the story. apparently this is the first time one of the kids told her that… 😆 not too sure where Nicola picked that up, because it’s not something I ever say to her.

Saturday morning we were up and at it real early. We were at a kiddies party at 9! Actually since I knew we had to slip away for half an hour in between to go attend swim school we were there at 08:30. Esmeralda and Marco had a pirate themed party for their eldest son (3) and it was loads of fun. As mentioned we slipped away for a bit to go to our swimming class and then back again for more pirate partying and by the time we left there Nicola was so tired she hardly made it to the main road before she promptly fell asleep. Man…I would have loved to join her for that nap but someone had to do the driving.

We visited my folks in the afternoon and later on we all went over to my brother’s place with pizza for dinner (pasta for me since my teeth hurt way too much to chew pizza at the moment). My boet and his girlfriend were trying out something new this weekend, they had a young visitor (10 months old) – her brother’s son that they were babysitting for most of the weekend. The young man’s name is Nicolai, which confused the heck out of Nicola and she instead refers to him as baby-fly (not too sure what that’s about). The kids were doing well, even if they looked a little frazzled and they hadn’t even got to the sleepover part of the adventure yet. It’s a very brave person who will babysit someone else’s teething kid for a weekend, and an excellent audition for anyone thinking of dabbling in this parenting business I think. 😉 I checked on them Sunday morning and everyone made it through just fine, although getting up 4 times during the night for bottles was a bit of an adjustment for the lovebird. K actually said the sweetest thing to me after I checked on them. She said that she has a newfound respect for what I do with Nicola and that she thinks I’m doing a great job. Aaaw, very sweet – what a nice thing to say (and to hear). 🙂 I hope they’ll do it again soon, I bet he’d be a lot easier on them when he’s not busy teething. He’s a real cuty though and you can tell that he’ll be up and running any day now – then the real fun starts.

Sunday we had Martha at our place to do a bit of a cleanup and ironing catchup again and Nicola and I spent most of the day at my folks. She was so funny when Martha came in though. She said, “Good morning Matha, how are you?” keep in mind that I don’t speak English to Nicola and Martha is actually Afrikaans too, so we were both equally surprised. When Martha started herding some of Nicola’s toys together, the pink terrorist was not impressed. She somehow came to the conclusion that Martha was trying to steal her toys and she was carting around as much as she could carry berating poor Martha quite loudly, “Nee Martha! Jy moet nie dit doen nie. Dis nie jou speelgoed nie, dis myne!” 😆 Eventually I managed to drag her through the bath and we got out of Martha’s way so she could get everything done (and dusted, pun intended).

At my folks place we had a lovely lunch, and I even took along one of our new freshly baked loaves of bread too. It worked out just beautifully, and as a special treat my mom made a delish chocolate baked desert. Very cakelike on the ouside and warm and goey on the inside – yum yum yum! Wanette came over a bit later too for a quick catch up and some tea, and I used the excuse to have even more pudding with her again (yeah, I’m not big on diets). I started knitting a scarf for my mom this weekend with the thickest fluffiest grey wool I have ever laid eyes on. It’s going to be gorgeous when it’s finished. I usually knit when Nicola’s asleep and I realised again why. She was peeping at this knitting business for some time, in between taking my wool hostage and kicking it around like a soccer ball and getting herself all tangled up in it. And then…when the oppertunity presented itself…like a flash she had hijacked one of my knitting needles and went on a “rampage” through the house waving it at everything going, “Bippity boppity boo!” (you may not be familiar with these magic words if you haven’t watched Disney’s Cinderella stories recently, but that’s what the fairy godmother says when she waves her magic wand at a situation). 😆 Definitely going back to knitting when she’s asleep!

We had a good weekend, but we were so busy I feel like I haven’t had any rest. Next weekend I’m definitely planning a quiet one. I need a nap!

How was your weekend?



  1. LOVE the picture of the hands!

    And I’m getting really jealous of the bread >:) btw, I asked for the steamer to be changed and she threw the slip away so I need to just take it back and tell them it was a present. I said no, I don’t change things without slips!

  2. I don’t think most places will exchange it without a slip anyway? I will have to bake you a loaf when we visit again so you can see how awesome it is. What are you going to do with the steamer now?

  3. Babysitting two small kids is quite a challenge!

  4. Only one…but it was still a challenge I think.

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