There’s a reason why comfort food is soft I guess…

27 January , 2012

Photo bears no relation to the post as usual – still off the old phone (maybe another 10 to go and then we’re onto the new ones)

201110313931Remember how I told you I had a tummy unhappy on Monday (of course you do), well I finally figured out what I did to deserve that. I thought it was a bit weird that my ulcer was acting up since I am not particularly stressed at the moment and that’s usually what sets it off.

It really starts with my teeth believe it or not! I haven’t been to the dentist in ages, mostly cause I didn’t have a problem and also I did not have money, so I let sleeping chompers be. However my teeth are killing me at the moment, literally my whole mouth is sore, especially after I eat something (a past time that I am rather fond of so it happens quite a few times a day).

Out of desperation I had two Disprins on Sunday, which I let dissolve in my mouth – that does really do wonders for sore teeth and gums by the way. In the process I conveniently forgot why I don’t take Disprin and haven’t done so for quite some years now…my somewhat dormant stomach ulcer.  (I’m actually a light-weight when it comes to pain meds, only have 2 panados every now and then and a bottle can last me mooooonths).

Anyway, I may have forgotten (briefly) about the ulcer but it did not forget about me. I had some Disprin again last night and so of course today I feel dreadful as expected (even though I chased it with a swig of Gaviscon). It appears that I am falling apart to a certain extent! My bits are not being compatible with each other at the moment. *sniff*

Thank goodness I have an appointment for next week Wednesday with the best dentist in the world (he charges a small fortune but he’s worth it *imagine a flick of the hair to go with that statement*), and until then I will try my level best to stick to soft squishy food and no pain meds.

Hope you all have a super fantastic weekend! 🙂



  1. Ag, jammer om te hoor jy’t tandpyn! Ek weier natuurlik om na enige ander tandarts as die een by El Corro toe te gaan so ek gaan een keer ‘n jaar vir hom kuier 🙂

  2. My familie gaan na so oulike een in Melville toe. Ek was nog nie self daar nie, so die sal my eerste keer wees. Hopelik is als weer gou terug na normaal toe.

  3. Rather you than me!!! 🙂 I’m not a fan of the dentist even though mine is great!!!

    I’m also lightweight with the tablets. Have a lovely weekend!!!

  4. Rather you than me!!! 🙂 I’m not a fan of the dentist even though mine is great!!!

    I’m also lightweight with the tablets. Have a lovely weekend!!!

  5. Sjoe. I hate toothache. Am convinced that it is worse than labour pains. It is!
    Hope your dentist manages to sort it out for you next week.

  6. Marcia, I’m not a fan either…but honestly this sore mouth business isn’t doing it for me at all. I think I may be headed for the breaking of my “no fillings yet” record. Bummer.

    Julia, thank you. I hope so too. It’s certainly worse than the labour pains I had since I went for a c-section mwahahaha! 😉

  7. Oh there’s nothing worse than a sore mouth… I hope the dentist was able to sort you out?

  8. One visit down…at least one more to go, possibly two. It feels a lot better though.

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