25 January , 2012

Another one of my old phone pics… I’ m sure you can just imagine how her leg got into such a state. Apparently she was writing me a message. 😉

201110283846Back to the title of this post…

Last night Nicola and I were sitting in the bath relaxing, chatting and having a giggle – and when I looked over at her it just hit me how quickly she was really growing up! Anxious. It’s happening too fast! It feels like just yesterday when she couldn’t even sit up on her own properly, and here she is now chilling in the bath like a pro and chatting to me in full understandable sentences. My baby is a little girl.

Even though I’m not mad about how clingy she sometimes gets when I really need two hands to do something, it dawned on me, before you know it she’ll be an angry teenager and she won’t even want to give me a hug or the time of day and I’ll be missing my all day every day snuggles and the way she wants to help me with everything even if that means it takes three times as long to get it done.

She is so unbelievably cute at the stage where she is now. I totally get why a lot of people have this kind of age gap between their kids. You just forget about the colic and teething and everything else that may not have been so much fun and you think to yourself, “I could do this again – just look how cute she is!”

Well…I’m not exactly there (yet). As much as I’m enjoying this adventure I won’t do it as a single parent again. What I will take from this moment though is the message that I have to STOP rushing around so much and enjoy every second. Who knows what’s coming next and how quickly we’ll get there and this part is really awesome. I don’t want to miss a second of it because I was busy catching up on laundry rather than relaxing for a few minutes in the bath with my daughter and experiencing the little miracle she truly is.

Ps! On a lighter note and more or less on the topic of laundry. Our washine machine is in the garage, and it appears to have microsoft minutes even though it’s a samsung. For instance when you switch it on it tells you it’ll take 50 minutes and when you go there after 50 minutes it tells you there are still 18 left to go. Often I’ll say to Nicola, “Come lets go see how many minutes are left on the machine.” and then read out to her whatever it says when we get there. What Nicola has picked up from this experience is the expression “Veertien minute!” and she is convinced that that is the time span for almost any question relating to time. She also holds up any random number of fingers when she shouts it out, usually three fingers but on occasion more. 😆 I might ask her something like isn’t it your bedtime yet, and she will say no…still 14 minutes, yay! Or like this morning I said, “Nicola maak gou, ons is ‘n bietjie laat!” and she said, “Ja mamma, veertien minute!” Too funny, and she was actually right too – it was 14 minutes.



  1. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could read her mind and see what message she was conveying? 🙂

  2. Do youn ave low water pressure? That makes machines slower because it takes longer to fill

  3. Chris, I don’t have to…she told me. Apparently she wrote I love you mommy on herself. 😀

    cat, that possible. All I know is that it usually takes about 20 minutes more than it says it will take.

  4. So true – the time does just fly by. Not so long ago I was moaning about Jack and now he is crawling and cruising and fast approaching 1 🙂

  5. It really happens so quickly…

  6. LOL, my washing machine does the same thing!

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