Magic Monday

24 January , 2012

I thought I was going to have a rubbish Monday night because I was feeling dreadful! I don’t know if I ate something funny or it was just one of the odd occasions where my stomach ulcer decides to have a temper tantrum, but I had stomach cramps that felt like something angry and sharp was trying to claw it’s way out of me and I couldn’t keep down a thing.

Nicola heard me groaning in agony at some point and she asked me what was wrong. I told her my tummy was hurting. Bless that child, do you know what she did? She kissed it better…too sweet. Those kisses, along with some black rooibos tea and a few swigs of gaviscon and I was almost good as new. 😉 But I bet the kisses helped most of all.



Yonk ago I bought a hologram Tinkerbell puzzle for Nicola to grow into at some point. Last night I decided to open it and have a look at it for the first time. It’s very pretty but let me be clear – I am soooo not buying one of these again. It’s bloody tricky since the pictures keep changing and if you don’t hold it at the perfect angle you’ll never figure out where it fits! Nicola was not to be deterred though – she just jammed them in anywhere where she could make them stick, not overly concerned with either of the two pictures we were trying to build. I’ve packed it away again afterward, maybe one day she’d like to try it again when she’s a bit older.


Mmm…I loaded two pics of the bread but I see only one made it. Oh well. *shrug* Steamcleaner, my rock star secret place manager, gifted me a breadmaker that she doesn’t use anymore. How awesome is that?! So last night Nicola and I made our very first mini loaf to try it out. It was so delicious that I have to admit I probably ate half of it warm just as it came out of the oven with thick  butter on it (thank goodness my tummy had settled by then!).

You actually cannot believe how good it smells when it’s baking. It fills up the whole house and makes your mouth water – yumm! It’s even got a little timer so you can set it to bake while you’re sleeping so you get to wake up to that wonderful smell. This machine is definitely going on holiday with us. I may have to roll home afterwards. 😉

Ps! It dawned on me while the bread was baking that I do not actually own a bread knife and that I was meant to go and buy one before I started baking. Luckily I didn’t have to hack off chunks since I found a knife that will cut it even though it’s not a traditional bread knife – I actually forgot I had it since it came in a set of kitchen knives I bought years ago and this particular one I never used to it was still in the case along with the cleaver. What the hell would you use a cleaver on anyway?! I’ll need to find a safe place in my kutchen for the bread knife where little fingers can’t get to it. And I think I may need a bread tin too, if any of it ever makes it to the tin instead of my mouth. 😉

How was your Monday?



  1. So I didn’t tell you but you may have seen the steamer on the corner of my kitchen table. We got it from MIL for Christmas but I’ve just told D to take MIL up on her offer to exchange it for something else (a breadmaker!)

    He was all… “oh we’ll definitely use it” and I said, “I do the cooking and I will never use it. never. I have 0 counter space and if I have to take something out, it’s never going to be used regularly” 🙂

    the holograms would do me in, too!

  2. Lyk delish! Now I’m craaaaavvvviiiiig fresh warm bread!!!

  3. Marcia, since I’m not a big fan of health food i don’t really get why anyone would want a steamer. 😉 Get the breadmaker! You will love it forever. I need an electric knife now I realise because the slices that I manage to make are like doorstops…but still delicious.

    Jax, if you drag your sorry self over to my place for a visit I will make you your very own lottle loaf and give you as much butter as your little heart desires. Hehehe… 😉

  4. No Marcia! I love my steamer -the very best kitchen appliance but I have to admit that I now want a bread maker. Hubby on the other hand wants an ice machine

  5. cat, I’d go for the bread maker too. My folks have an ice machine and it’s not all that to be honest. Only makes something like 12 blocks of ice at a time (which isn’t enough if you have a lot of people over). What I do like about theirs is that they’ve connected it to the tap with the water filtering system on it, so the ice is much cleaner than the ones you can buy.

  6. Ooooh I LOVE the smell of baked bread. And a breadmaker is on my shopping list for 2012. That puzzle would have done me in too!

  7. The breadmaker has three sizes on all the recipes, but I’ve decided I am only ever baking the little one because they’re just so much nicer fresh than day old or whatever. What’s the point of having a breadmaker if you can’t enjoy really fresh bread right?

  8. Ooh now I want fresh bread… That sounds so yummy!

  9. It’s very yummy. 🙂

  10. I want bread, it looks yummy!!!

  11. It really is – I love love love this little machine. So easy to use and fresh bread all the time. 😀

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