What a great weekend

23 January , 2012

Still old phone pics… 😉 Nicola, reading one of her books and I just liked how the light fell on her.

201110233808 201110233809

We had such a great weekend really. Kind of made me think of something Marcia sometimes says about how THIS is how she imagined it would be if she ever had kids. It was that kind of weekend for me.

Saturday morning we slept till 7 (already a little piece of bliss itself) had a bath and a lazy breakfast. I did some laundry and pulled the house together a bit. We coloured in together a bit and then we made our way over to our first swimming lesson. This lady has a indoor heated pool in her house. When I say heated I don’t mean 30’C…it’s like bath water in there! She’s literally 5 minutes away from us and she is brilliant with kids. One of my colleagues recommended her to me and I’m so glad we went to go check it out.

Of course, me being me, we arrived about 20 minutes early, so we got to see quite a bit of the class before ours and by the time we hit the water Nicola wasn’t freaked out at all and knew more or less what to expect. She LOVED it and was laughing all the way. The teacher lets the kids say these rhymes while they do the excercises and even though we don’t have any of the rhymes down yet (except humpty dumpty) Nicola did all the excercises perfectly first time except for one. I get a warm fuzzy feeling about the whole situation and I’m completely convinced that this is the swim school for us. If you’re looking for swimming lessons in the Randparkridge area I’d definitely recommend this place.

After swimming we joined my mom and gran at Clearwater Mall for a bit of shopping and lunch and after that we went to my folks place where Nicola got to practice all her swimming excercises again in their pool. She loves swimming and being in the water and two swims in one day is just about as good as it gets as you can imagine! 😀

Sunday morning Clayton came over to our place for breakfast and macgafter talks, and where Nicola is usually very shy and quiet around him she obviously now decided that she liked him after all. Chatterbox like you can’t believe! Clayton actually asked me when she started talking so well and I had to tell him that she’s been talking like that for ages…just not round him because she didn’t know him well enough yet. She took such a shine to him (I suspect because he watched a bit of Lion King with her while I washed the dishes), that she later on tried to call him from my mom’s phone and when my mom asked what she would say to him Nicola said that she was phoning him to let him know she’s home and he can come visit again.

In the afternoon we went to my folks again for a family braai. Again, usually when the crowd is more than about 10 strong Nicola stops talking altogether and gets very clingy, but it’s as if overnight she just decided not to be shy anymore and she chatted up a storm with almost every single person there and we both had a really good time. I had to giggle about the one thing she said though. My uncle Albert was busy baking bread in the kitchen and Nicola kept asking him questions about it and trying to help (bashing things with a wooden spoon mostly). Then at some point she turns around to me and says, “Mamma, Albit bak ‘n bwood!” I think my daughter thinks she’s a grown up, she only ever calls anyone oom or tannie if she doesn’t know their name yet. 😆

And she ate all weekend every time something was given to her to eat – which is just about unheard of for her! And she slept like a champ (even though she dodged any attempt at putting her down for an afternoon nap). Maybe that’s why she was in such a good mood? Anyway, I had a really good time. It was just perfect. 🙂



  1. Exactly – a perfect weekend of very normal things 🙂

  2. ps i wish my mil would offer to take the kids swimming to that place of yours 🙂

  3. Love these photos 🙂 Glad swimming was a success and you had a good weekend!

  4. Marcia, let me know if you want the contact details – it’s really very good!

    Laura, thanks my friend. 🙂

  5. Just perfect in my book

  6. 🙂

  7. Sounds like an awesome swimming place. Love “boring and regular” weekends where you just hang out and eat a lot.

  8. Me too…I especially love tantrum free weekends. 😉 This past weekend was so busy again I feel like I didn’t even have one. I think I really need to go back to a system of scheduling one OFF day each weekend just for being lazy.

  9. It sounds glorious. And so cool that she’s relaxing around people now.

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