Didn’t see that coming

17 January , 2012

These are still old phone photos…taken at my aunt and uncle’s house a while ago. The first one is of where Nicola convinced my mom to get on the trampoline with her and the second one is with my cousin’s two kids Nathan and Natalie.

201110163699 201110163703

Yesterday Nicola came home in quite a good mood. Chatting up a storm and clowning around like crazy. To give you an idea, at some point she insisted that we run around the cottage pretending to be planes, and she kept asking me to come and dance with her (which I gladly do of course). πŸ˜‰

Just before bedtime Nicola informed me that I am being very naughty and thatΒ I must go sit in the naughty corner. Imagine that…we don’t even have a naughty corner as far as I know! πŸ˜† So I told her that I wasn’t being naughty and I wasn’t going to go sit in the corner. Then she told me that she would go first. She even picked out a corner (right by the front door). She walks over there, all smiles, then assumed the position (sitting facing the wall with her hands folded in front of her and her head on her knees, and does a very convincing fake cry because she’s so sorry. I’m not even sure what about?

So I go get her out of the corner for a cuddle, but I am laughing cause it’s really funny. And she gets upset because I won’t leave her there. This isn’t usually how these corners work, is it?

Today I asked the teacher about it and she said Nicola hasn’t been put in the corner yet, only two of the boys that were playing a bit rough and bumped someone else in the process after being told not to. I think Nicola thinks it’s a cool thing at the moment and she can’t understand why she can’t sit there too, maybe that’s why she’s come up with her own naughty corner in our place. I’ll leave it be for now, I’m sure she’ll get it soon enough that it’s actually a punishment. πŸ˜‰



  1. Oh do explore that one a bit better! Make full use of it.

  2. Ha! I tried that last night…when I want her to go there she WON’T. πŸ˜† of course.

  3. LOL!

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