Quick Updates

16 January , 2012

Still working through old photos… 😉


Nicola is feeling a lot better thank goodness. She went back to school today and the level of hysterics was also down quite a bit from last week (you know that separation anxiety you get after a nice long holiday from school where you got to play with mom all day long and now suddenly you have to go back to the normal routine). It looks like it wasn’t the injection after all though. Quite a few of the kids at Nicola’s school had the same thing, some sort of evil throat infection. We’re still on antibiotics till Wednesday but she’s not complaining about a sore throat (dragon in the throat) anymore and she doesn’t have the fevers or the chills either. After day 2 I even managed to get her to drink the antibiotics without trying to spit it all out in my hand again. When it comes to giving small children medicine I am a firm believer that you cannot go wrong with a syringe. When you get the first spoon of cough syrup smacked out of your hand all over yourself you’ll know exactly what I mean. With a syringe you can kind of manouvre it past the tongue if you have to. I actually think parents are probably the biggest consumers of syringes, especially the 5ml one. I buy mine in bulk – nuff said. 😉

Some cute over the last few days, and a few other things:

  • You know how when someone is choking and they cough you pat them on their back? Well Nicola has sort of picked up on this behaviour, except she hasn’t exactly realised that the pat has to go in a specific location. She walked into my parents’ bathroom while my dad was brushing his teeth, and when he started coughing she gave him a pat on his bottom to help. 😆 And when she coughs now she even tells me to give her a pat, on her leg or arm or wherever, she doesn’t care – she thinks they just go together.
  • This morning the pink terrorist insisted on taking a hand bag to school because she tells me that she needs to stop at the shop quickly. Mwahaha! I don’t even carry a handbag, so I’m pretty sure she gets that from my mom!
  • I need some new animated movies…I actually cannot bear to watch what we have another single time. So when I put something on for Nicola I end up playing Soduko on my phone to avoid watching, or now and then I’ll just put something else on cause I figure she must be tired of it too. It so happened that we watched an episode of Smallville the other night (not one of the dark and sinister ones), and when she asked me who it was I said Superman (while holding up my one hand and going ta-ta-tah in a save-the-day kind of tune). Instantly she had it, well not the tune exactly but whenever she sees Clark Kent she has her hand up going, “Superman ta-ta-ta!” Too cute!
  • Secret place musings: We have what I like to call a bathroom gargoyle here. Every single time I go to the ladies room the same exact girl is in there busy applying make up. Seriously?! How many layers could you carry on your face before your neck gives in under the weight? And from what I can tell she keeps aiming at some sort of natural look, which leads me to believe that she must be really hideous under all of that…hence the gargoyle naming.
  • More secret place musings: In my secret team there are usually about 12 people with 2 vacancies. Then just as we fill them, another one falls open. Before when we used to be a smaller team it amused me to no end that I was the most senior person in my department and I’ve only been here 2 years! Then we merged with a few other secret agents and there were 2 amongst them that sort of came with the furniture and I lost my title. One of them has just resigned, and the other one has been reported to look “very unhappy these days”. I have mentioned to a few of my team mates that if I became most senior again I will insist on wearing a crown for the duration of my own stay. 😉 (which hopefully won’t be too long when the macgafter starts spreading its wings this year anyway).
  • Sparrow news: please send good vibes, prayers and whatever else good you’ve got in the general direction of Cape Town for MySparrow. Especially next week. Thanks!


  1. Great bits of news – glad she is better.

  2. great stuff that N’s feeling better!

    LOVE the handbag – I will keep her handbag stocked 🙂 I just bought K a cute little one at Mr P marked down to R20.

    PS I have no idea about the phone – ha! – if you only knew what an understatement that is. I’m trying to talk to the people about a cell phone upgrade. Eventually I took a brochure because I’m so phone challenged I don’t even know the lingo!

  3. Thanks cat! 🙂

    Marcia, 😆 she’s probably got about 6 bags already – and at least 5 backpacks. mostly i just shove them in our luggage part of the cupboard but every now and then she really really wants one! Tell me on what lingo you’re getting stuck…if I know I’ll tell you what it means.

  4. The “pink terrorist”… Have I told you how I love that title!?

  5. You haven’t no 😉

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