First sicky of the year

12 January , 2012

Still old phone photos in case you were wondering… 😉 This is not how she looked today at all.

201110183716 201110183733

Chaos at our place again. Yesterday the school phoned me to say Nicola was sick, so I left early to go pick her up. At first I thought it might just be side effects from Monday’s injection but I had her at the doctor today and it looks like she’s really sick. Antibiotics and two different pain meds later and she’s now lights out next to me, poor baby. It’s some sort of vicious throat infection – which also explains why she’s refusing to eat anything. (Ps! in keeping with our current theme she tells me that there is a dragon in her throat). 😉

This has been a weird one. Usually when Nicola is sick she gets the crazy fevers (even up to 42’C if you remember), but this time she had some fever (up to 39) and then some sort of chill spells in between. She quite easily swings from 39 to barely 35 and back again – which is unheard of for her! I have to be honest, touching her and feeling ICE COLD is much scarier than the crazy fevers. Last night I couldn’t get her to warm up at all. She was parked at 35 for hours with me keeping watch to make sure she’s okay and that she keeps breathing (she hasn’t coughed or had problems with breathing, but the cold just freaked me out in a way that had me constantly checking that).

She slept like a rock, and I had hardly any sleep. This morning she woke up at 39 again but fairly chipper.

For my next trick I took her to the doctor. She was NOT impressed. She gave the place a one over and decided someone with a needle might be likely to hang out in such an establishment. She bawled with passion. Actuallly going “WHAAAAAAAAA!!!” with long crocodile tears. There was not a thing I could do about that. Oh yes, and the brand new pullup had a failure in the reception area, so I had pee dripping down my side all the way into my shoes while this was going on. Let’s just say we were both happy to get out of there. Bless every single person who gave up their place in the queue to make that happen in less than half an hour.

Keep your fingers crossed that this blows over quickly please…



  1. Ag siestog, die arme dogtertjie! Ek hoop sy voel gou beter.

  2. Poor Nicola! And what a way to start the year!

    I’m still in denial about all our medical bills – I refuse to add them all up………….. 🙂

  3. Dankie Sonja! Sy lyk darem al stukke beter.

    Marcia, yeah I know what you mean.

  4. Aw poor baby girl… I had a fever like that once- hot then freezing and back again. It was too terrible and I hope to hell never to have it again.

  5. Last time i had one of those hot/cold fevers was when I had tick bite fever – it is all sorts of unpleasant.

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