More Monday Trauma

10 January , 2012

Still on old phone photos here – but aren’t they just adorable anyway. 😉

201110143677 201110143680

Remember the traffic problem I spoke about yesterday? Well, I heard on the news one of the would-be students was trampled to death in a registration stampede. That is not a nice way to go… Can whomever is in charge of this mess please pull their finger out their bum and get some order going?!

*breathe in…breathe out…*

Anyhoo, back to things closer to home. I took Nicola for her overdue injections yesterday. We are now completely up to date. Yay! 😀

She, as you can imagine, was not even a little bit impressed. The probelm is that usually i hold her quite tightly and she never even sees the needle coming but she squirmed half loose yesterday and jerked her arm at the worst possible moment so it hurt a lot. She cried and cried and cried – I felt terrible about the whole thing.

While we were standing in the queue to pay she happened to spot the nurse walking past again and screamed at her, “Nee tannie! Moenie my steek nie!” and cried even more. luckily by the time we got home she had forgotten how it all happened but was still very much aware of the fact that her arm hurt. She kept telling me that a dragon bit her and asked if I could please smack it with the book. Poor baby…

Other than that I got nothing for you today. I am wearing the cranky pants. That is all.

Hope your day is going better than mine.



  1. Ah…hope the rest of your day flew by without any more crapola. Poor, brave girl. I HATE those injections. And some of those nurses have NO bedside manner to speak of.

  2. Yeah, not too bad as Mondays go really. And look! We’re halfway to a weekend already. 😉 I’m sure next week will be better when we’re back in our routine again.

  3. Good on getting the injections done!

    Poor little thing – isn’t it the worse thing when they look at you with THAT expression?!

    Hope you’re better by now, crankypants!

  4. I’m very happy to report that THAT expression was exclusively reserved for the nurse this time. 😉

    I’m holding up okay – hahaha!
    Just really tired. This first week back at work has not been gentle on me with Nicola getting sick and so on.

  5. Die nuus oor die student wat doodgetrap is het die Londen nuus gemaak.

  6. Ja dis jammer dis altyd die slegte nuus wat travel, ne’?

  7. Poor kiddo~

  8. Some days are cranky pants days. At least she knows it wasn’t you who hurt her!

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