Some recent cute pink terrorist sayings

9 January , 2012

Walk it off: This saying was born on the trampoline…mostly for me actually. That thing really eats your calves! So after a hop around with Nicola when I feel like I might soon lose a leg I tell her to walk it off and we do just that (on the trampoline). I am hoping to incorporate it into everyday life for minor scrapes and bruises too instead of plasters and slings. 😉

Favourite camel: I almost wet myself laughing at this one. We were on the trampoline (again). I had chucked a few balls from Nicola’s ball pit in there for entertainment and she had me lay down while she pushed all of them into the back of my shirt. When all 5 were in there she promptly jumped (very enthusiastically – ouch my poor back!) on top of me and said, “Mommy! You are my favourite camel.” Mwahaha! Good to know. 😉

Don’t want to grow up: Ever since seeing the original Peter Pan movie on the laptop this has become Nicola’s favourite saying before we go to bed. Every night when I tuck her in she makes it clear to me that she doesn’t want to grow up. My reply? I tell her that she doesn’t have to…but she has to sleep.

Mamma, ek wil jou hê: This is one of her favourite morning sayings…loosely translated to Mommy I want you. What this actually entails (other than melting my heart of course), is that I have to come cuddle with her instead of packing our bags or making coffee and getting ready. It’s very cute – I’d love to see more of it on weekends!

Worms: I like to introduce Nicola to new tastes whenever I can, especially things that I like of course. Recently I came across some fresh asparagus (which I love), and though why the hell not? Well…let just say that sometimes these things take straight away, sometimes later, and sometimes not at all. In the case of asparagus I may have to try again in a few months. She accused me of trying to feed her worms and insisted on having cereal for dinner instead!

Listen to me my good man: I have no idea where she picked this up, but she is often heard telling Diablo the dog “Listen to me my good man…” followed by no other instruction at all. He’s quite good about it really, politely ignores her or gives her a lick and runs away.



See! She loves her vextables. 😉 First one is of her eating brocoli and the second one is a whole tomato that she obviously wanted more than the spagetti she had. The other day I heard her earnestly try to convince my cousin’s son Nathan that brocoli was delicious – so I know she really likes it. (Thank you Ice Age movies for making than one an easy sell).



  1. Oh my she is so very very cute. Only the Princess will eat asparagus, in fact she is prepared to leave sweets for it

    • The princess has excellent taste! I LOVE asparagus. 🙂

  2. I love that one where she tells you that she wants you. So cute. And something every parents adores upon hearing those words.

    • Yip, I really love hearing it. 😀

  3. Love her sayings. How adorable! Zander prefers veggies over meat or rice. Loves his veggies…. Weird child lol

    • Nicola prefers meat, but she loves fruit and veggies too. She hardly touches rice so I don’t even bother making it anymore.

      The things she comes up with really has me in stitches some days. 😉

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