Once more…with feeling!

9 January , 2012

(Still have quite a few photos from the old phone to work through before we get to the new stuff )

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So we’re back at the salt mines, to kick off 2012. I don’t know about you but we had a rough start this morning:

Firstly, my pink terrorist let me sleep till 7 or 8 (one day even 9!) the entire holiday (go ahead and hate me a little for that, I’m okay with it), so getting up at 5 again was a big adjustment for both of us. I wasn’t to sure if I would even wake up for the new phone’s alarm, so as an extra precaution I set 3 separate ones. That part of the morning worked just fine. In fact, Nicola woke me up at 4:45 so we kind of got to listen to the alarm together. We brushed teeth, washed, got dressed, packed bags and had coffee – all without incident.

Then I dropped her off at school for her first day in the new class (she’s just been bumped to the 3-4 year old class because she’s so clever). All hell broke loose. Nicola clutched me for dear life and was sobbing and screaming for me not to leave her, my poor baby. It wasn’t easy walking out there this morning, but I know it’s just first day blues for her. By tomorrow she’ll be happy as can be going back again, once she’s remembered about the toys, the outside, the food and the friends. I took comfort from the fact that quite a few of the other parents were having the exact same morning I was. Also, I think I will take that as a compliment. If she had had a rotten holiday she’d probably be really glad to get away from me and not the other way around? Yip, I think I will look at it that way. 😉

After this emotional goodbye at the school I headed for work, expecting more or less peachy traffic since the  big schools only start up again next week. No such luck. Stupid University of Johannesburg has opened for enrollment it seems and neglected to provide parking for all their new hopefulls. I’m not even exagerating when I say there were probably a couple of hundred illegally parked cars on the road I take to work this morning. They had double parked and in some cases tripple parked directly in the road (both directions), on the island and wherever they could find an approachable pavement or driveway to block too! If you can’t even follow the simple rules of K53, I don’t have very high hopes for a brilliant terriary education for you either. How many of these candidates can actually read I have to ask myself. Grrr…I hope they all get fines, or at the very least the university should get one for not providing the sports field parking again like they did last year, thereby disrupting the entire city’s traffic. Assholes. Most of all I hope they all get sorted out today and aren’t parking in my route again tomorrow morning!

At the secret salt mines, I finally managed to reset all my passwords and get on with business as usual. I even managed to take some time to phone the school and find out how Nicola was doing with her firts day in the new class. They said that she was doing just fine, but that she fell asleep in her lunch. Guess that 4:45 wake up got to her (usually she wakes up at 6). I know how she feels though. The entire time I was on leave I would join her for a afternoon nap more or less now, and I miss it. I’m actually thinking of just taking a walk around the block to wake up properly again because I’m practically asleep behind my keyboard at the moment!

Anyhoo, if today is your first day back in the saddle too I hope you’re off to a good start.

Ps! I also wanted to share some of the cute things Nicola has been saying with you:

  • You may remember a few weeks ago Nicola was going through a big NO phase, where she would just deny everything and argue about anything? Well, she’s adjusted that somewhat. Now if you ask her something, instead of using an outright NO she goes with “Not yet”. For instance I’d say, “Nicola, it’s time for bed.” and she would asnwer, “Not yet mommy”. Much cuter than the NO but same effect really. 😆
  • Also she now fairly randomly, while I’m busy talking (to her or even to someone else) chips in with “Ek stem met jou saam mamma.” accompanied with vigorous head nodding. Sometimes it’s even something I know for sure she does not agree with. It still catches me by surprise when she does that, and I’m not 100% sure where she got that one from because I don’t think it’s something I say very often.
  • Another thing she’s picked up is the word “Impossible!” and she throws that one around quite easily. For instance she’s trying to open a tap outside. A tap, I might add, that’s been tightly shut exactly to stop her from doing that. After much pulling, shoving, straining and groaning, and even on accasion beating with a watering can – she declares it “impossible” and wanders off. Before she gets to the impossible bit though, she pep talks herself while trying to open it by saying over and over again, “I can do this!”. All in English – very funny to watch! 😆
  • And then lastly I think I mentioned to you that she has decided that all mosquitoes are dragons? She’s still on that. And she has now also added that they are “Stoute bliksems” and that if they bite her again mommy is going to smack them with the book until they are flat. *cough cough & blush* I do know exactly where she gets that from.
  • And lastly, when we drive around, she can identify and will do so quite loudly – where exactly the “stupid taxis” are and that they should be moving along. Goes something along the lines of, “Kyk mamma! Nog ‘n stupid taxi.” then she smacks her hand on her leg repeatedly while saying, “Kom outjie, kom!” to get them moving (something I do now instead of what I used to do before when I didn’t have little ears in the car). And when we stop at a traffic light and there are any beggars or newspaper/crap/flyer distributors there she tells them without missing a beat, “No thank you.” followed sometimes by a more forceful, “I said NO THANK YOU.” I don’t know who was more surprised the first time she did that, me or the guy at the window. 😆 


  1. Oh goodness she sounds so cute Louisa!!!!!

  2. She is just getting more adorable every day Laura 😀

  3. so sorry your traffic was terrible – ours wasn’t too bad coming down here and best, the kids were angels!

  4. That’s great news! And a pretty good way to start a holiday.
    Traffic was still rubbish this morning, possibly even worse than yesterday actually – and I believe someone was trampled to death in a registration stampede there today.

  5. LOL…she is so funny!
    I heard that a student died today at UJ in a stampede. That is just TERRIBLE. Can’t believe that they don’t have some kind of plan for parking? Yoh.

  6. I saw this morning, AT LAST, the metro cops were there to keep things calmed down to a mild panic. And at least today only one side of the road was a mess and it was the side leading away from town and not into it, which makes sense. Apparently it was the nmother of one of the prospective students, not a student, but still a tragedy and completely unnecessary.

  7. Sad about the UJ story totally unnecessary 😦

    But your little “ears” Nicola got me laughing on more than on occassion while reading this post. She must be a delight to watch 😉

  8. She’s an absolute pleasure! She just gets cuter by the day I tell you. Kids are amazing, espesially mine. 😉

  9. Ag man she is getting so cute! I was giggling like a loon at “Impossible” and “NO THANK YOU”!

  10. Angel, she cracks me up all the time with the new things she comes up with daily.

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