Yup…still here

6 January , 2012

I’ve been pretty quiet this last week – sorry and so on – but I’ve been busy trying to master my new toy (Samsung Galaxy S2). And by George! I think I’ve got it now. Not to tempt fate, but I now finally know how to do everything that I want to on it, so now I can figure out new things to want. 😉

A giant big thank you to all the people who helped me out (so far)!

If you’ve ever been within “firing range” of me there’s a good chance that I’ve taken a photo of you with my phone on a previous occasion, so I know you must all be dying to see some new photos taken with the new toy? 😉 It’s okay. Settle down now. I am about to show you. Hehehe…

20120103_170034 20120103_170044

20120104_190637 20120105_103318

20120105_102828 20120105_102905

20120105_123339 20120105_123353

Of course these are the compressed versions of the pics that I use for uploading.

It’s been quite a steep learning curve for me on this new phone, since I never had a touch screen before, but so far I am LOVING it! If you’re in the market for a new phone and you’re thinking of braving a touch screen smart phone then I would highly recommend this one.

In other news:

I am slowly reaching tolerance point with the wildlife in our cottage. This morning I found another baby scorpion under our bed. It was dead already, so no big whoop, but it was more or less the same size as the other one we found a few weeks ago…which makes me wonder how many more of these little critters are around here somewhere, and where is their mama? Not cool.

I’m getting my mom’s Martha in on Saturday to come clean the place and catch me up on some ironing. I will leave strict instructions that no critter is to be left unharmed while I am gone. And I will be gone…because no one needs to hear me scream like a banshee again when I see something nasty.

Holiday almost over:

Next week Monday we’re back in the saddle again. Nicola’s school opens and I get to go back to the secret salt mines. Seriously, with the terrible-two-tantrums we’ve had already I thought I would be a serious drinker by now with two weeks uninterrupted quality time, but it’s actually been lovely. We’ve had one or two rough days but other than that she’s been an absolute angel.

We even went to go see our very first movie in the cinemas today (which I thought would be a stretch and we’d probably leave after 20 minutes tops). No problemo! We watched the entire Puss in Boots with no incident, other than Nicola narrating fairly loudly along with the movie (hey, it’s a kiddies movie – deal with it). She was particularly impressed with the golden goose, which she reckons is a duck, and which also led to a passionate rendition of, “Eendjies, eedjies, stap in ‘n ry” and hysterical giggling laughter. I think it went quite well actually. 😀

Anyhoo, I will leave you on that high note – and I hope that even if you are not off work enjoying this lovely sunshine that at least you are having a great Friday and are getting psychologically prepared for an awesome weekend ahead.



  1. It takes very nice pics!

    Now strange, today I told my colleague while I LOVE the things the iPhone can do I really don’t love the R500 a month I’d have to pay. I may be boring but paying it into unit trusts is much more exciting for me.

    So then she suggested this phone. I have never had a samsung so am a bit wary (also don’t know price) but I want to have a look at yours tomorrow please!

    also, I think with the children, if there’s routine and consistency, it lessens the crazy behaviour. Ours returned to “normal” once V came back to work. Lord help us on holiday…………………………… esp with the grannies………….

    can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. ps please remind me (if you want) to give you a tour, all 3 minutes of the house 🙂 – the others have been here before and I forget to show new people around

  3. I have a galaxy s2 as well. I love love love mine! Welcome to the “family”

  4. Thanks! It’s a magic little phone. I’m loving it so far.

  5. Marcia, so have you made up your mind about the phone yet. I really should have let you play with it a bit more I think. 😉

    You have a lovely home, thanks for having us over!

  6. Awww….sounds like she had soooo much fun at the movies.
    My child2 was also OK this holiday. Except for one day when we visited people. I was MORTIFIED. Am convinced he didn’t like them because really, it was only that one day!

  7. ps….would it help if you move to your Mom for a weekend and get someone in to fumigate? That wildlife would completely freak me out!

  8. She really did, I’m glad – maybe we can do this again soon. It was nice being able to do that with her. I had her sitting on my lap and our bag and snacks on the chair I actually booked for her, and it was all very cosy.

    If I find another one I think it will be a sign to move. I don’t like poison, don’t keep any in the house and I’m sure if I fumigated the place it would stick to every surface in the house and freak me out even more than the scorpions and spiders.

  9. Hope you are able to sort out the widelife issue!! Sounds a bit scary and with a curious 2 year old, you dont want “funny creatures” lurking around

  10. It’s not ideal, I’ll admit it. Hopefully we’ve gotten rid of them now. My landlord says he’s never even seen one there before this and he’s been living there for quite a few years now. I suspect it might have something to do with all the rocks and gravel that he put in the garden? Could be that they hitched a ride on one of those loads and just happened to get into the cottage from there.

    Keep your fingers crossed that this will be the last of them please.

  11. Also back to work yesterday and ai, wha shall we say. Enjoy the new phone.

  12. Thanks cat! 😀
    Good luck getting back into the swing of things.

  13. I love going to movies with my knucklehead! We haven’t done that in a long time…
    I am glad you like your new phone!

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