3 January , 2012

So the good news for today is that both the leaking roof and the leaking geyser has been fixed. 🙂

But wait! That’s not all!

I also have in my grubby little paws my brand spanking new phone. I finally relented and joined the rest of the world with touch screens. After puzzling it out (at lenghth) myself (since there’s no f-ing manual), I have managed to get it to do almost everything I want it to do except connect to my laptop as a modem.

Just as well since my laptop seems to have packed up now (or is just mildly posessed with some sort of gremlin for the night).

I give up. I’ve had enough of tinkering and tweaking today. We live to fight another battle (tomorrow)…(or maybe even the day after).



  1. What did you get? I’m up for an upgrade this month too and I’m very overwhelmed by all the choice 🙂

  2. Sssssooooo what did you get?

  3. I got a Samsung Galaxy S2.

    I started off by doing a lot of reading and initially I picked a Nokia E7 I think. I’m a bit of a die hard Nokia fan and I’ve been resisting touch screens for years now in phones.

    When I walked into the shop I held the little model they had and realised it wasn’t “the one” for me. The other Nokia they had there which I was kind of interested in isn’t compatible with WhatsApp so I left without a phone and without knowing which one I wanted. The little man gave me a list of phones to check out because I told him I couldn’t possibly buy anything without reading at least 5 reviews on it.

    I decided I wanted the Samsung after reading reviews and went back a few days later to get it. It’s a fantastic phone with all the bells and whistles. Even for me that’s never had a touch screen before it works like magic and is very easy to use. Only thing is it doesn’t come with a proper manual, only a quick starts up guide. I asked about that and the guy said no one reads them anyway. Guess I’m that no one then…

    I got most of what I wanted to set up done in the first day and one or two things yesterday. Love love love this phone, it’s awesome! 😀

  4. Am due for an upgrade in a few months but have no idea what I will take. I am a die-hard Nokia fan and don’t care for touch screens so that leaves me with very few options…must do my homework.

  5. I felt exactly the same way. I’ve been overdue for an upgrade since last year May already, but the phone I had worked just fine and I couldn’t decide which one to replace it with anyway. I really didn’t have a choice now because my phone had been dropped so many times that I literally had to keep it together with some sticky tape to make a call by the end. The Nokias I looked at were the E7 and the N8. The E7 has the little flip thingy with a proper keyboard underneath, but after handling it in the shop I saw that was just to stiff and unwieldly for me. The N8 which was my next choice, even though it had a touch screen isn’t compatible with WhatsApp, and that was kind of a deal breaker for me since I use that all the time.

    Seriously, getting used to a touch screen on this Galaxy has been a breeze. You just have to decide how violently opopsed you are to them before you make your decision.

  6. And read as many private reviews as you can lay your hands on before you do!

  7. No manual? Thats weird…?

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