List update – End of December

31 December , 2011

By far the most crafty month I have ever had…bar none. Unfortunately since that thing is ongoing for the whole year I still can’t tick it off.

201108072686What I have done in August:

1. Start writing poetry again

2. Buy a tumble drier

3. Take Nicola to go visit my grandmother in Thabazimbi

What I have done in September:

4. Grow a veggie garden

What I have done in October:

5. Sort out my bookshelf situation

6. Chuck everything unflattering out of my wardrobe

7. Stop smoking (again)

7. Buy a couch

What I have done in November:

8. Grow a herb garden – 13/11 (Thanks Tamara!)

What I have done in December:

9. Organise a really awesome birthday party for Nicola

10. Make some new MP3 disks for the car

11. Open a savings account for Nicola

What I still intend to do this year (in no particular order):

  1. Move to a 2 bedroom place
  2. Get Nicola’s vaccinations up to date – One down one to go, then we’re up to date. And by the end of this month we’ll be two behind again.
  3. Begin…and finish reading at least 12 books – #1 The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, MD #2 Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson #3 Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Part 6 of 3, And Another Thing…by Eoin Colfer #4 The complete practical encyclopedia of Bonsai by Ken Norman #5 House Rules by Jodi Picoult #6 Easyway to stop smoking by Allen Carr #7 The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn #8 The witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho #9 Greywalker by Kat Richardson #10 I want my Life back by Steve Hamilton #11 Spud Learning to Fly by John van de Ruit #12 In Progress (Almost there)
  4. Maintain an actual hairstyle (possibly the one you see me sporting in this photo) – had a refresher cut on 9/12
  5. Print some photos for our albums – busy editing like crazy
  6. Lose another 5kg (hopefully around my non-existent middle) – Christmas is not the season for dieting
  7. Find a job/career I love – Plan is in process. Macgafter (CSP Boiler) is being tested. Presentations are being compiled. World domination is imminent!
  8. Have a beach holiday and relax – Looks like end Feb for this one
  9. Have at least 4 weekends away – 3/11 Nylstroom weekend
  10. Go and see at least 2 movies in a cinema
  11. Keep my car clean (inside and outside) – Dismal fail
  12. Start teaching Nicola how to swim – She’s doing great in the water, but not actually swimming yet. I am considering formal classes from early next year.
  13. Get Nicola potty trained – Some setbacks on this, but we carry on
  14. Have a birthday party for myself
  15. Update my will
  16. Take or have taken more photos of Nicola and myself together – This is going very well so far
  17. Wear a dress now and then (at least on Spring day and Valentines day) – 1/9 Spring day skirt wearing *check* – 25/10 Wore a skirt again (no pics this time sorry) – 11/12 Wore a long-ish skirt to lunch
  18. Make homemade gifts for my very special people – I have knitted, decoupaged, painted, baked, and manouvred almost all my Christmas gifts for my family. This is actually so much fun, I may never stop doing it!
  19. Go to church more often (this will not be hard to do since we didn’t go when we were sick, and we were mostly sick) – we did manage to for the Christmas service at least
  20. Random acts of kindness whenever I can – I’d say this month was definitely a hit with this one
  21. At least one grand adventure!
  22. Put a serious dent in my debt
  23. Stop smoking (again)

Chipping away at these slowly, quite a few of the ones still on the list are year long ones though (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

If I don’t get to tell you in person – I hope you all have a fantastic start to the new year!

This year I am not trying to tear myself in two by attending a party and trying to spend time with Nicola at the same time (which was a bit of a fail last year). Our roof was still leaking yesterday afternoon, because on top of the hail damage to the tiles the geyser also sprung a leak. We packed a bag (or 10) and came over to my parents’ place for the weekend after moving all remaining electronic equipment to higher ground and putting a few buckets out surrounded by what remains of the dry towels in our house. For our new year’s we’re doing a marathon of animated movies and maybe some cookie baking with a glass of bubbly at midnight, if we’re still standing. If we’re not, maybe we’ll have it tomorrow? *shrug* 😉

If you’re out and about, drive safe and beware of all the drunk people on the roads.



  1. Hope you manage to get all the leaks sorted out soon but excellent planning on getting the heck out of there especially since there has been marathon rain sessions in Gauteng today. Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxed New Year with your family.

  2. Gosh, I wouldn’t want to have all that drama amidst all this rain!

    Thank goodness for your mom and dad 🙂

    Listen, you NEED to go see New Year’s Eve – I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. I’m even half-tempted to go see it with you.

    There’s also another I want to see called I don’t know how she does it – I read the book about 8 – 10 years ago and it was fabulous. The book is set in England and this one is set in NYC but is probably still good.

    I looked at my 37 things list and it’s looking dismal…. Will have to look at it properly next week (when I have time next week at work – ha!)

  3. Momcat, we got back home tonight. The roof isn’t leaking anymore but we also don’t have warm water yet because the plumber tried to rip Robbie off so it hasn’t been installed yet. Hopefully by Wednesday he says… *sigh* I’m really tired of it now. It is probably the worst week of the year to have something like this happen to you, so I have to be a bit patient I guess.

    Marcia, you just say when and where and I’ll make a plan to go see at least one of those movies with you. 😀

  4. You are doing sooooo well on your list. Mine is looking NOT SO GOOD. Must look at it ASAP.

  5. Thanks, I still feel like I’m way behind though.

  6. Your lists are looking great!

  7. I am very impressed with your progress!

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