Raining on our parade

29 December , 2011

201110113627Remember that big hail storm a few weeks ago?

Well, it looks like that one knocked a few holes in our roof. We came home after Christmas to a few puddles on the floor and two soaked carpets. Thank goodness none of the power cords were soaked (yet), and the rugs all manage to sort of fit in the washing machine and tumble drier.

The house is damp and smells like a mouldy gym sock.

It hasn’t stopped raining inside the house yet, and the floor is covered in buckets and towels to catch the precipitation.

I am happy to say that Robbie, our landlord, is on the rood as we speak trying to fix it. Keep your fingers crossed or send me some raft building material before the next big storm!



  1. Hoe kan jy 12blogmyself vat en nie in Afrikaans blog nie?!

    Cool naam. Ek wou vandag begin blog onder daai naam, maar noudat dit reeds gevat is, is die wind uit my seile. Sal maar nog drie jaar dink aan ‘n cool blognaam.



  2. Dankie 🙂

    Dit kom van ‘n speletjie wat ek en my neef en niggie gespeel het as kinders, maar jy ken dit seker?

    Laat weet wat jou URL is wanneer jy een kies, ek sal graag kom Inloer.

  3. Ps! Ek blog in Engels want die mense is rustiger. 😉

  4. Awesome that your landlord acts immediately!

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