Last bits of birthday

28 December , 2011

Nicola’s birthday was actually on the Monday, but as you know we had her party on the Saturday before that. The result was that she actually celebrated her birthday from the Thursday (when she received her first gift from someone who couldn’t make it) right up the next Wednesday (when the last gifts arrived from people who couldn’t make it).

I gave her my gifts on the Saturday already, but on the Monday morning my folks gave her theirs…a Leappad! which Nicola refers to as her telephone. 😆

201112194473 201112194476

It’s a bit too advanced for her, but I’m sure she’ll grow into it. She loves the touch screen and hopefully this will keep her from reprogramming my GPS now on long road trips? 😉

201112194482I took a day’s leave for her birthday and off we went on a little adventure to Monte Casino Bird Gardens.

201112194491I thought she might get a kick out of feeding the birds nectar, but I didn’t think about the fact that it’s school holidays and the poor birds are full up to their necks already. They couldn’t be bothered to come down for more and you can tell that they’ve really had enough. In the end we left the nectar their and moved on to see what else we could see.

201112194484   Some swans…which Nicola is convinced are geese 9and she hisses at them).

201112194486201112194492Some free range parrots. 😆 One of them was stalking Nicola, but it didn’t attack and she didn’t even notice.

201112194490   Pelicans and many many other birds (I didn’t take a picture of every single one of course).


201112194495  201112194498

We decided to go kill some time at the restaurant (and have breakfast). Nicola tried to feed some of her toast to a stray duck there, but chenged her mind at the last minute. The duck was not please and bit her on her bum (a couple of times actually). The foul tempered beast kept following her and trying to bite her some more even after I gave him the toast.

201112194500He wasn’t the only one interested in Nicola’s breakfast.

201112194503We had a great day. 🙂 We ended off our bird park experience at the flights of fantasy show, which was amazing – but about halfway through Nicola had had enough and I had to make a plan to get us out of there.

They tell you very clearly in the beginning that you should remain seated because the birds are trained to go to the standing trainer…I am very glad that I kept a low enough profile to not attract the attention of the owl who was on stage at that point! 😆

201112194504My mom baked some cupcakes for Nicola to take to school the next day – look how pretty!

201112194505And tasty…

201112204507   201112204508  

Her teacher made her a beautiful birthday crown (which she insisted on wearing even to bed!) and bought her a little stuffed dog (which Nicola now calls her lassie and drags everywhere).



  1. Looks like she has a great great birthday. I am desperately looking for a leappad for the Princess for her birthday tomorrow – but alas all sold out.

  2. cat, oh no! I’m actually not sure where my folkd got this one but we’ve been having a grand time trying to download things for it. Good luck! Hope you find one.

  3. Aw what a lovely birthday day!

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