A merry little Christmas…

26 December , 2011

I haven’t downloaded the photos from yesterday yet (of course not!) so we’ll get to that later, ‘kay? šŸ˜‰

201110103614 201110103626

We started off our Christmas by going to the service at our church (not usually part of our tradition but I wanted to go this year and everyone humoured me and came along).

I tried keeping Nicola in the main church for the service instead of the mother’s room – might as well see how it goes, right? – and it went okay for a bit until she got over the strangeness of it and started getting really into it. She found the organ extremely fascinating and referred to it as a heap of pens! šŸ˜† Then she was climbing all over my mom and I and jumping on my mom like she was a rocking horse. I told her to sit quietly and “shhhh”, but I could see that wasn’t going to work at all.

In the nick of time I took her to the mother’s room instead because she started singing along quite passionately (and loudly), only she seems to think all the hymns are either “Nkosi Sikele” or “Twinkle twinkle little star” and every time the preacher said something in between Nicola told him (or his picture on the TV in the mother’s room anyway) to “Shhhh”.

Definitely on my to-do list for next year to find a church for us where they have services aimed specifically at young children. I do like our current church quite a lot and I think our preacher is quite a character and a good person, but when he starts rambling on in Greek or Latin and singing the praises of our old church father Martin Luther I think he even loses about half the grownups present, never mind the kids! šŸ˜†

After church we went home and opened gifts (which is what we usually do first thing in the morning) with our Christmas hats on – hehehe. And then we got ready to receive the family for our usual BIG EAT. šŸ˜€

My mom really knows how to do a proper Christmas lunch! I ate until I felt like bursting. We had leg of lamb, fillet, potato bake, beans, pumpkin fritters, salad and watermelon, and for desert creme caramel, home made meringues and trifle. Yum yum yum!Ā  We just barely finished eating and Nicola was begging my dad to open up the pool for a swim…luckily our pool isn’t very deep, I think most people were too full to do anything but bop along on the surface of the water for a bit.

I even got to speak to Sparrow a couple of times yesterday (he recently lost his phone, so I only get to speak to him when he’s near someone else’s that will let him use it for a bit). I wish he was here with us for Christmas instead of down there (first one away in three years).

Except for my baby brother being away from home (only the second time in 29 years!) I think we had a pretty much perfect Christmas (apparently Riaan and Karen are enjoying their trip in Canada, but it’s really as cold as it looks in the photos – hehehe). šŸ˜€

And today we’re doing as little as possible. Naps, eating leftovers, painting with Nicola’s new paint (she refers to this as having an art attack – Mwahaha!) and loads of festive season TV. Yip…pretty much perfect.

Hope you all had a good Christmas too…



  1. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm – thank you for telling me all about the food – my favourite part of Christmas šŸ™‚ Did you see what I had for lunch? Your mother will be horrified.

    BTW I think I need her to adopt us and feed us properly -clearly we’re going to be starving in this family. Hahaha.

    BTW2, I love the art attack. I think it’s so apt because when I “create” it does look like my study’s had an art attack šŸ™‚

  2. Are there churches that focus on children?

  3. Bit late but merry Christmas šŸ™‚

  4. Marcia, I am horrified! I hope you’re having the BIG eat now that Kendra is out of hospital? The art attack thing comes from one of the shows on Disney Junior channel. She loves it and has adopted the name as her own now. šŸ˜‰

    Angel, I believe that there are…there is at least one that I think might do the trick for us which is really close.

    Supermom, thanks dear – and the same to you!

  5. One of the reasons we love our church – we have a child./family focuissed serive in school terms. Love it.

  6. I think the school term starts next week again, so it’s almost time for us to start looking again. I have one or two ideas where we might find what we’re looking for. Our own church is definitely not geared for kids.

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