Christmas Crafts

25 December , 2011

Little Book of Big Ideas

The first thing I started with was a book for Sparrow. I used a regular hard cover A4 and covered it with upholstery fabric. This takes a lot of glue – he might have to air it out a bit before he uses it or he’ll be on a permanent plak!

201110193746The next thing I did was to collect a gazillion quotes that I thought he might find inspirational and glue them onto coloured backings.

201110313925This then got (more) glued into the book – one on each page at least. The ones I really liked even got a few stickers too. The thought is that he can use the book like a journal or even just a place to scribble down things he finds inspirational himself in between the existing stuff. Whatever he likes really.

201111013934Inside of the front says Sean’s lilltle book of big ideas, and underneath that one of my favourite quotes that goes something along the lines of that there is no true gift except a part of yourself.

Hands Off Box

The next thing I started was this box for my dad. You see my dad has plenty of little doo-dats that he leaves all over the house when he walks in after work, but everything goes in a specific place…until Nicola walks in. She then carts them around all over to the great frustration of my dad.

So I decoupaged this box for him to put his stuff in where Nicola can’t get her hands on it but can keep an eye on it (see inside of the lid).

201111104031 201111104039

201111104043 201111124053

Together with this I made jars of cookies, you’ll see later in this post.

Personal Painting

This was made for my mom. The reason why I went with this is that she loves autumn colours and she has a spot that I think will be just perfect for this. My mom is kind of difficult to shop for unless you’re giving jewellery or blankets (she’s always cold!), and we’ve done that too many times now anyway. This painting is something that I really think she’ll get a kick out of.

201111114051Leaves by Nicola. I used a sponge to put all the different colours on and then helped her to mix that on her hand and do the prints.

201111134065I think it came out rather pretty…except for the dodgy shadows (but that’s my fault entirely). 😉 (this also went with a jar of home made cookies)

Shirts for the lovebirds

My brother and his girlfriend aren’t with us over Christmas this year. They’re spending three weeks in Canada on an adventure instead. They actually asked for money instead of gifts so that they have more to spend on that side, so this is just a little something that I gave them (with cookies of course). 😉

201112034232 It’s not the easiest thing in the world to draw a maple leaf, I’ll tell you that! 😉

201112034260 If you’re wondering about the words, it’s because the Canadians are well known for adding Eh? to most of their sentences. 😆 As in, “Nice weather we’re having, eh?” (Pronounced almost like the letter A).

Obviously the shirts aren’t warm enough for them to wear over there, but we don’t want them to get beat up for being cheeky anyway. Hehehehe…

The Blue Scarf

My brother is also not here over his birthday. I gave him money as requested and in the handmade tradition also a little something to go with it. Some of you might remember the pink scarf I did for the blogger dinner the other day, well at the same time I was also doing a blue one for my boet. (My poor hands aren’t used to knitting, never mind knitting to a deadline – I had cramps like you couldn’t believe!).

201112084309 He loved it! If he wraps it just right he could even manage to keep his ears warm over there.

Desktop doohickey

I decided to make a little something special for Steamcleaner too. She’s kind of hard to shop for because the woman is an extreme minimalist! If she doesn’t use something for a year she chucks it, regardless of what it is or how much it’s worth. OUT!

We had a little laugh a few weeks ago, because she was obsessing about whether or not to renovate her one bathroom and lay new floors in her house all at the same time or in phases. I told her that I just knew the mess would upset her terribly and she might as well get it all done at the same time and get it over with. The words I used were, “Rip the plaster off!”

She loved that saying so much she did all that and even painted most of the area too. She said every time that she looked at her house and wanted to get upset about the mess, she just reminded herself to rip the plaster off, had a laugh and barrelled through.

It’s become our little motto at the office too for when we need to do something particularly unpleasant. So I made her this for her desk or wherever she needs it most.

201112094313She refused to open it in front of me so I could see if she liked it. She said that if she didn’t have it under the tree waiting for her she’s have no reason to put up the tree to begin with. 😉

I think she’ll like it. 😀 (of course this went with a jar of home made cookies too).

The cookies!

I must say, I enjoyed making these probably most of all. My oven doesn’t heat up as well as it should so I had to adapt most of the recipes in that department to make it work, but it was fun. (For instance if it said 20 minutes at 180, I gave it 30 at 200 and then turned them over and gave them another 10 or 15 on the other side too).

I picked three flavours, initially I was just going to with peanut butter but then it occurred to me that a lot of people are actually allergic to it. The flavours I went with were peanut butter, chocolate and custard shortbread. Yum, yum, yum! Let me just say that.

I packaged them in these cool jars with a bit of fabric over and a nice ribbon (I have a box full of ribbons so they were all different) and a home made gift tag.

I think they came out beautifully, completely edible (had trouble keeping my hands off them myself) and you can use the jar afterwards for something useful too.

201112084305Chocolate stars with pink sugar on them.

201112084306On of the jars that went with the shirts.

201112084308Custard shortbread (my new favourite cookie). Let me know if you want the recipe? It’s super easy to make and truly delicious!

Art Box For A Star

201112144369I decoupaged some stars onto the lid of this plastic toolbox…

201112144370  …and filled it up with everything from crayons, pastels, paint, pens, books, stickers and what-not. I think Nicola will get a real kick out of this one! 😀

Special T-shirts For The Pink Terrorist

201112134363First one: Cutie Pie!

201112144365Got the idea for this one from Philligirl (thanks!)

201112154376And lastly this one! I only bought three colours of fabric paint, red, black and white – but I can definitely see myself getting into more of this soon.

Special shirt for Clayton (of the CSP Macgafter fame)

201112154377 Seeing as he is now making it his business to harness the sun and so on. 😉

Minnie/Mickey Mouse Bags

These ones were not actually for Christmas, they were for Nicola’s party – but since it all happened more or less the same time I’m including them.

201111244177I started out painting the faces three at a time, but quickly realised we were going to have to speed the process up a bit if we wanted them done on time for the party.

201112014220Ta-dah! That, and coming up with the idea are the only things I can take credit for on this one. My mom thankfully does sew, unlike myself who only staples.

201112164403This is what they looked like before we filled them. The boys bags had the bow-tie on and the girls the bow between the ears.

201112164404And there they are, filled up with the take home sugar that is traditional for party packs, and I like that you can use them for something sensible once they’re empty too. They came out brilliantly – thanks mom! 😀

Ps! Linking up with Marcia’s craft day on this one…



  1. I love everything but especially how much YOU loved doing them. Gifts of love indeed 🙂

    Yes, please share the custard biscuits.

    Can you believe my kids don’t eat custard? We discovered this in the hospital and I actually said, “what kind of children are you???” 🙂

    My night at home and I’m treasuring the hours…

  2. That’s crazy! Even my kid eat custard and she’s much more picky than your two about what she’ll eat. I’ll put the recipe up sometime this week, it’s really delicious. When we do our big bake at your place I think we should make some of these for sure!

    I really did enjoy making these gifts, and from the looks of it everyone enjoyed getting them so I am happy as the day is long. 🙂

    How’s K doing in hospital today? Has the count dropped some more? Is there an escape home on the horisons?

  3. You know what? Maybe it’s HOSPITAL custard they don’t eat. I should try again at home and make some decent custard, and a nice pudding while I’m at it. I feel cheated…like I haven’t had a Christmas meal – think I need to pop into P&P tomorrow and get a malva in a box to at least have the pudding!!!

  4. Marcia, mmm…maybe. Hospital food in general isn’t the best. I think you should definitely have the pudding (and anything you want with it). I’m so glad your little girl got discharged today. What a bummer to spend Christmas in hospital!

  5. You are so creative! Love all your ideas.

  6. Thank you! 😀 I’m very pleased with how it all came together.

  7. I am very impressed!

  8. Thank you 🙂

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