Half day happiness

24 December , 2011

Totally unrelated photo of course.

201110083547Both my parents work in the same building, so you can imagine that there are probably more photos of Nicola up there that anywhere else on earth. 😉 My mom asked me if Nicola could go to work with them one day and meet all her fans and I agreed that she could go on the 23rd which was a half day.

By all accounts she had an absolute blast there. She kept my dad on the stairs most of the day (her new thing being the love of climbing up and down as many of these as she could find) and she managed to lock my mom out of her computer 3 times, and phone reception once from each of their phones to say, “Hallo mamma!” 😆

When I saw her in the afternoon she told me that she worked really hard and that she got to ride in an escalator.

Her other big thing at the moment is planes (there’s another post coming up on that soon), and whenever she sees or hears one she wants to know if it’s Riaan and Karen or Ouma Joey’s plane? And she seems very eager to go on a plane herself too. I wonder if she will enjoy it as much as she thinks she will. Maybe we’ll try that in February when we do our coastal holiday? I’m a little bir nervous about that to be honest. If she has a mini-meltdown it’s very much a confined space to deal with it in.

Oooh, and before I forget: I finally opened a bank account for Nicola yesterday. All my accounts are either with ABSA or FNB, but after a bit of legwork I decided to open one for her at Capitec. If I love it, I may move some of my stuff over too – their fees seem a lot cheaper and the service we had yesterday was just superb. To give you an example, I got everything I wanted to do done in one visit (open account, get card, set limits, activate notifications and internet banking) all in under an hour. With my own bank I have never managed to do that, they always leave something out and I end up having to go back their or bitch and whine at someone over the phone for hours afterwards to get it sorted out.



  1. oh my heavens – I can just imagine the cuteness 🙂

    Listen, the plane trip is only 2 hours in SA… Driving is forever so the screams start to become part of the journey’s music…

  2. Capitec is great. I’ve never been with another bank. But they don’t have cheque accounts, credit card accounts or home loan accounts, so my husband has an ABSA account. But for plain and simple savings account, you can’t go wrong with Capitec. ABSA monthly fee: R160. Capitec monthly fee: R4.50. I mean come on! That’s literally 35 times cheaper! And I agree, their service is great.

  3. Marcia, ah yes…I hear you. Good point!

    Shelley, so far so good. I’ve transferred some money into the account and I’m waiting to see how long it will take to clear (probably 3 working days if I had to take a guess). Loading a beneficiary is dead simple – took me all of 2 minutes to figure it out and do it. their internet banking site if probably the cleanest one I’ve ever seen. When we opened the account they did tell us about credit facilities but from the looks of it the interest rates on those are ASTRONOMICAL! Definitely more geared for savings.

  4. And Capitec is open on Sundays! Every now and then I think maybe I should move but its so much PT…

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