Gardening update with photos

22 December , 2011

201111214157I was so thrilled when I saw the first little baby cucumber…then they went from this size to…

201111284212  …this size almost overnight!

201112054263I had no idea when you would consider a cucumber ready to eat, so I plucked one to test. The thorns were a surprise, but a quick wipe with a damp cloth and they came off without any trouble to resemble a cucumber that looked more like I expected it to look.

It was delicious! It appears they are ready at the size you want to have them at. This particular veggie has so far been the star of the season. 😀

201111294217  201111294218

You have to keep your distance if you want to stay dry while Nicola waters the plants. It’s not by accident either in case you’re wondering, she laughs hysterically if she manages to water your pants or shoes.

The second picture is Nicola watering Robbie’s herbs…the “herbs” in the HTH bucket have mysteriously disappeared recently…

201111294219 The beans have finally started blooming…not the prettiest flower I’ve ever come across but oh well… *shrug* I cannot wait to see these meter long pods developing!

201112144373Dum-tum-tum…and so it begins. 😉

201112104316And finally the tomato has graced us with a flower too!

201111224172  Remember the hail I told you about the other day? Well here’s Nicola, who first insisted on eating some and then danced on the survivors – too cute! 😆

201112104317I’m always very careful to check what’s going on at the other end of the hose before I open it. 😉 Now you know why…


One comment

  1. Look at that cucumber! Wow! It has thorns?! I didn’t know that!

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