The big scrub!

21 December , 2011

A few weeks ago (just after we bought the tumble drier) Nicola (left unattended for all of 2 minutes) decided to decorate it with some pastel crayons! I was not impressed.

She works quite fast. In the same two minutes she also managed to decorate the kitchen wall and three cupboards!

201110063477Of course I gave her a stern talking to (and confiscated her art material for a day, as is the local custom), but when I started cleaning off her graffitti with a scotch pad and some handy andy she grabbed the sponge from me and insisted on helping, which was really cute. I tried taking it back and finishing up (you need a fair amount of pressure to really get it off properly) but she was having none of that. She politely told me, “Gee my ‘n kans mamma” (give me a chance – something I often say to her when I have something hot in my hands and can’t pick her up straight away). 😆

201110063500She got most of it cleaned up by herself (I finished it when she wasn’t looking) and then she brought me a peace offering of a whole bunch of soft toys while repeating, “solly, solly…solly mamma, solly” (she hasn’t mastered the R yet).

201110063496I assured her that all was forgiven and there was much hugging and kissing going on to celebrate this (but I still kept the art stuff for a day – consequences and all that). 😆 She hasn’t drawn on a wall, floor, appliance or bathroom tile since! I am optimistically hoping we’ve put this lesson behind us now.

No harm done really, it came off pretty easily – but I don’t want her thinking it’s okay to go drawing on any old wall. I’m tickled pink that she volunteered to do her own cleanup, or help at least without me even asking. And it was just so sweet when she started piling soft toys on me that I almost felt guilty for giving her a hard time to begin with!



  1. I love the scrubbing – I would milk that for all its worth 🙂

  2. Marcia, definitely worth encouraging. 😉

  3. Lorelai coloured her granmothers lounge wall the one day, I made little Picasso was it off. She would get tired after a minute or 3 but she had to continue until it was done. She has never done it again.

  4. I must say Nicola hasn’t done any wall art after this again either.

  5. Ag she is a sweetheart!

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