Nicola’s Minnie/Mickey Mouse Party!

20 December , 2011

We had the best time ever – thank you to everyone who made that possible, especially my parents for all their hard work!

com11-01 173 To Edit


To Edit-1


To Edit-2


To Edit-3We really went to town on this one, but the thing Nicola enjoyed most by far was the jumping castle! We actually had to deflate it for her to pay attention to anything else or at least eat something. 😆



  1. So cute…such fun. Cant believe two years has gone by so fast…Well done family for organising such a lovely party for Nicola. One of my kids had a jumping castle for a birthday and the birthday child was afraid of it. Party fail that year, haha!

  2. 😆 Well, I wasn’t taking a chance on that one Momcat – I’ve seen how much she loves them at other people’s parties. We had an ice cream van too and that was a big hit as well. 😀

  3. Love all the photos – you are ON THE BALL.

    is the top one mine?

  4. PS it was a LOVELY party – I’m still eating fizzers 🙂

  5. Yes! Thank you so much for sending it to me, it’s one of the only good ones of Nicola and I together.

    I thought about putting the photos up individually but there were just too many that I liked, so I figured that since I sent everyone the photos of their own kids I could go collage on this one and just highlight a few. 😉

  6. Thank you – I’m glad you had a good time. (I’ve also got quite a bit of birthday sugar at the office with me today). 😆

  7. Very cool! Glad all went well!

  8. Thanks!

  9. Aw, looks lovely!! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

  10. Thanks Natasha! 😀

  11. wow, dis al wat ek kan se, julle het def dit baie spesiaal gemaak, ek wou so graag daar wees, ai,o vrekkit en Ryan het juis gese ons moet volgende jaar weg gaan, ek hoop dit is nie weer voor die 19de nie

  12. Dit was ‘n kick ass partytjie mater! Ek’s jammer julle kon dit nie maak nie. Hoe gaan dit nou met jou kuikens? Almal gesond? En hoe was die doop?

  13. Loving this. Lorelai’s birthday is t the end of the month and is Minnie mouse theme. It must be meant to be as your little princess was born on my birthday!

  14. Take lots of photos – I’d like to see how you do it. Hope you had a good birthday? 🙂

    • Oh I will take loads of pics! Been planning her party since September!

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