Grinding to a halt!

20 December , 2011

201110063475Ā I have reached the “kick back and enjoy” part of my December, pity I still have to rock up at the office till Friday. šŸ˜‰

  • We’ve celebrated Nicola’s birthday and she loved it. We even had a little adventure yesterday on the actual day, just the two of us which was great too (I still have to do that post).
  • Although my Brother-Bear’s birthday is only tomorrow it’s kind of sorted as well since he’s in Canada this year (he’s been wished and gifted and now I think I shall send him a lovely thinking-about-you email tomorrow and then that’s done and dusted too). I hope he’s having a good time where he is. We miss him…
  • I’ve made and wrapped and mostly handed out all of my handmade gifts. In fact the ones I still have are for my parents and Nicola on Christmas day.
  • I have documented all my gifts in a blogpost and it’s scheduled to publish at more or less the same time as the last of the gifts will get opened. šŸ˜‰ I’m sorry I couldn’t show you before that, but you get it right?
  • There is almost a whole week between us and the next big event, which will be our traditional family Christmas lunch and I feel like I should be somewhere quiet having a nap right about now, since my to-do list is blissfully up to date. Or I could start making a dent in my backlogged blog commenting? šŸ˜†

How’s your Christmas shaping up? Are you ready to go on a violent rampage yet at the thought of setting foot in a mall?



  1. I am JEALOUS of your up-to-date to-do list – you want to take some stuff off my list?

    Mind you, it’s all self-imposed so I suppose I have no one else to blame.

    Have had two HUGE fights with service providers in the last two days – yesterday with photo book people and today with Discovery.. and K is still sick and will have to go back tomorrow. I think D should take her because Lord knows, that screaming will send me over the edge..

  2. PS we are not grinding to a halt yet. new boss lady to be is here til Friday and she and I are WORKING like dogs.

    But I do have a week here next year when she’s still on holiday – i can’t wait šŸ™‚

  3. The Cupcake Lady closes on Thursday for a couple of weeks, but I will be far from relaxed with all the happenings between now and New Year!

  4. Marcia, I’m not sure exactly what’s bugging K but if it’s anything like the bladder infection Nicola battled with earlier this year then please try some cranberry juice with whatever else you’re giving her. Shame man, I hope she feels better real soon!

    Angel, at least you get some time away from the oven in this heat right? šŸ˜‰

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