You know you’ve been baking too much…

16 December , 2011

20111214Butterfly When your daughter sees this image and refers to it as a Peanutbutterfly! 😆 She says we can’t eat it yet because it’s still too hot from the oven.

201110083526201110083535 201110083540

These were taken a few weeks back. If you look at the middle one you might see that Nicola now has a handle on Tigger! She wants to ride her like a horsey. Naturally the kitty is not thrilled by the prospect.


One last anecdote for you today: One afternoon when I picked Nicola up from school I saw her fiddling and scratching in her neck, so I asked her what was wrong. She tells me something bit her. When I asked her what it was, she said…a crocodile! 😆 And then proceeded to make biting noises and actions with her hands.

This is what comes from teaching your child too many animal noises? 😉



  1. Nicola has a vivid imagination and thats a good thing! There’s no such thing as too much baking… and lastly Poor Tigger – there’s no escape now.

  2. Ag man she’s so sweet!

  3. Momcat, mmm…I’ll get back to you on the baking bit? 😉 Tigger is holding up really well I’d say – she knows how to make herself really scarse when she’s had enough, other times she almost follows Nicola around to torture her with being just out of reach.

    Thanks Angel!

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