Braai at Ouma & Oupa’s

15 December , 2011

This was a few weeks ago…catching up on my photo posting. 😉

201111274191We started the day off at the mall for a quick grocery run. We were about to run out again when Nicola spotted the aquarium at the pet shop…I had to stand there for probably 15 minutes while she chatted to “Nemo” a bit. 😉

201111274193  Finally we got to my parents’ place and waited for the Sunshine gang to arrive.

201111274195Nicola and little Ray producing some art!

201111274196Sunshine and little Sunshine, henceforth to be known as Ladybug for obvious reasons. 😉

201111274198Little bit of rough and tumble with Oupa.

201111274202Later on R & K also dropped in and Nicola went for a swim with them.

201111274205R & K have had an ongoing disagreement about which Christmas tree to get for their flat…so my mom got them each the one they wanted. 😉

201111274210One has pretty lights and the other one dances and sings…guess which one Nicola wanted to take home with us? 😆



  1. Nicola has good taste when it comes go Christmas trees, clever girl 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’ll tell her you said so! 😉

  3. I love dancing Christmas trees!

  4. Hahaha! Well you’re out of luck if you don’t already have one – I believe they’re all sold out.

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