The past weekend

14 December , 2011

My weekend started on Thursday because Nicola’s school closed really early on Friday and I took a day’s leave to fetch her. I decided that a hair cut would be the perfect way to keep myself busy for the few hours that she was at school.

201112084303 This is the before shot.

201112094311And there’s the after one. 😀

201112104320  201112104323

First thing Saturday morning we went to the secret year end braai of my secret department. Nicola likes ice, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this once or twice. She used the little hollow cubes as a glass to drink cold water out of. 😆

Obviously we had to put a stop to this after the dog started drinking out of the ice bucket too.

201112104324Let it not be said that my daughter isn’t extremely helpful. 😉

201112104325  201112104326

And here’s a glipse of the secret team…

201112104327 Halfway through that we had to excuse ourselves and scuttle off to our family do in Pretoria. Here is my uncle and aunt who had their 60th birthday party in 60’s theme.

201112104328 And here’s my crazy cuzz who worked herself silly getting it organised!

201112104329And her older boet who was manning the fires. Somehow the younger brother managed to escape the paparazzi this time. 😉

201112104332And there I am…I spoilt myself with a new outfit for the day. It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping for myself. 😉

201112104333   201112104335

Nicola, trying out the props.

201112104336 The cake my mom made them as a gift.

201112104337 201112104338

And Nicola made a little friend while we were there too. He’s a wild one, just so you know, and he wasn’t shy to show her exactly how to give me a near heart attack on the jumping castle either. 😆

201112104342 A very big horsey ride!

It was all fun and games, but we were exhausted by the time we got home.

201112114344 On Sunday we went to my folks to help them decorate their tree and to give my brother and his girlfriend a send off to Canada.

201112114351I shocked the locals by turning up in a skirt (I think I should be able to mark that to do item off by valentines for sure!).

201112114354  201112114355

201112114356The weather wasn’t great, but I did have fun dancing in the rain with Nicola…and managed to get a couple of shots of her trying to catch a raindrop which she said was tickling her hair.

Magic moment right there… 🙂



  1. What did you ever do with yourself before Nicola was there to keep you busy and lighten up your life! I love the cake your mom made too. Great times spent with family.

  2. Momcat, I drank a lot of tequila and slept late. 😉 My life is definitely better with her in it! My mom makes the most amazing cakes – she can do it up in any theme you want, but these days she only bakes for family and close friends.

  3. My mommy darling misses having her grandchildren decorate her tree… 😦
    That cake is gawjiss!

  4. Did you see the Mickey Mouse Club House one for Nicola’s birthday – even prettier!

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