Our Christmas Tree

14 December , 2011

We put it up on the 1st, believe it or not, so I better post a photo before Christmas is over and it has to come down again… 😆

201112014224 As you can see, we don’t like ours colour coordinated…the crazier the better!

201112014225It’s much prettier than this photo might lead you to believe…

201112024226And most importantly, Nicola LOVES it! 😀



  1. I’ve never had a colour co-ordinated tree! The knucklehead and I would go bananas and our tree was packed full of lights and tinsel and decorations! Love it!

  2. I add at least one or two decorations every year – not all of them make it to the next one with cats and kids manhandling the tree and so on. 😉

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