Some thoughts on the news

13 December , 2011

In the picture Nicola is pretending that the broom is a gun…and guess who’s she’s shooting with it? 😉 (just in case you thought I make her sweep the driveway already). Picture totally unrelated to my rant of the day.201110013408

The news this week has just been full of people getting caught smuggling drugs, hasn’t it? First it was this one being executed in China for being caught with 3kg of Crystal Meth, and then this one who got caught on the day of the execution in Bangkok with 1,5kg of Cocaine in her hair.

Both these stories bugg the hell out of me…

Let me start off by saying that I am not in favour of the death penalty – anywhere – but for some reason I just don’t have it in me to feel sorry for these women either. With that 4,5kg of drugs how many more lives would have been ruined? How many newbies hooked onto their first hit towards their eventual slow death? These things sell per gram, so that’s a potential of 4500 lives f_cked up (or maybe a few less but more thoroughly or quickly f_cked?). Maybe one of those lives ruined would be like this one (he was just a little kid!)?

That’s why I don’t feel sorry for them, even though I want to believe that anyone can make a mistake and get caught up in something nasty…and anyone can get out of that if given a second chance and some support. I know people who got out, so I know it’s possible.  They’re great people who just got involved in something bad and needed a wake up call to get back on the straight and narrow.

Here are some parting thoughts of mine on drugs:

  • They do not make you look sexy even if you think they do
  • Even if you don’t feel like you’re being f_cked up by them, you are
  • They are a really stupid way to loose weight (seriously?!)
  • If you’re using (even now and then) you are an addict, get help! (If you think you can stop whenever you want to, then STOP).
  • If you are a mule or a pusher you are an asshole, and you are ruining people’s lives for your pocket money!

My daughter is obviously too young to be overly concerned about this, but I would be mighty p-ed off if someone ever got her hooked on something and I had to watch her slowly die or lose her mind from this crap without being able to do anything about it!

That’s another reason why I can’t feel sorry for them…

If I could wish away all the drugs and all the drug problems in the world, I’d do it in a second. So “sorry” for you lady, who was put down by lethal injection, but what did you think was going to happen? Would she have done it again if she wasn’t caught this time?

The people I really am sorry for is her family, and the families of all the people who’s mule wasn’t caught.


  1. Spoken well my friend. There are precious lives lost to this epidemic and it’s sad when ‘examples’ need to be made.

  2. I agree with you Louisa!!!!

    I am very anti the death penalty but when I heard this my instant reaction was “actions – consequences”.

    And also the sheer amount of drugs they were carrying they couldnt have not KNOWN :-/ I mean it wasn’t 5g of the stuff!!!!!!

    Drugs scare me intensely 😦

  3. Freddy, it’s very sad the whole business. I wonder what ever happened to that “Just Say NO!” campaign that they used to run when I was in school. (Not that it looks as if it was very effective if you look around now).

    Laura, I do feel sorry for people who have it snuck into their luggage when they’re not looking and then get caught with it. But I also doubt if you would be able to do that with a 3kg packet! When I travel I’m quite fanatical about my luggage. I cable tie it shut, and I think that shrink wrapping you can do is also a pretty cool idea – especially on overseas trips! I am really tired of people who think the laws don’t apply to them…any people…any laws.

  4. It scares me to think that people can smuggle drugs into innocent people’s luggage.

    That story just made me sad. I do think actions = consequences but yes, still sad (and I technically believe in the death penalty). I think I’ve gone soft since I became a mother LOL

  5. It’s scary yes Marcia, there are some really rubbish so-called humans out there. Imagine trying to explain to the police that “it’s not mine” line. That’s why all the airports have signs up saying you should keep an eye on your luggage at all times and never leave it unattended.

    Do you believe in the death penalty? I’m always worried about who’ll end up making the decisions…I think there are more useful things we could do with people not fit to be part of society.

  6. I am not pro death penalty but I felt relief when I heard that they had executed her because it means one less person messing up our kids.

    And seriously. Who would put drugs in someone else’s luggage? Do people really do stuff like that?

    I see you also have snow on your blog!

  7. I’m with you.

  8. Julia, yes…people really do that stuff to each other. 😦
    Yip, I picked the snow effect for Decembers a few years ago and now it just kind of comes and goes as it pleases. 😀

    Angel, thanks!

  9. I want Snow! 😦

    Oh and in relation to the post. I do not have any feelings for the people either. The got themselves in those situations! I have 2 cousins, a close friend and my daughters father who got involved with drugs! I hate hate hate hate it!

  10. Charlotte, yip…kind of reminds me of one of my friends whose son got hooked. She attended a few NA sessions and the one thing she told me that really stood out for her was that the room where the addicts were always came out looking mighty cheerful and the room where the family of addicts were always came out sad and crying.

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