My Wednesday Post

23 November , 2011

First, a snoozy photo of Nicola. 🙂

201109283389So yesterday was #blacktuesday in SA. A very contentious piece of legislation, known as the secrecy bill, was passed in Parliament. The only positive thing you can really say about this whole business is that a whole lot of people rolled up their sleeves and fought it with everything they had. People were encouraged to wear black to show that they opposed the bill, hence the term #blacktuesday. The ruling party’s MPs came dressed in anything but black to show their support. According to reports they were ordered to be there and to vote along party lines – and so the Protection of State Information Bill was passed. The fight’s not over yet, but if you ask me it’s only a matter of time.

Theoretically the point of the law is to protect state secrets. From what I understand how to determine what constitutes a state secret is left pretty vague. It also creates a criminal offence punishable by up to 25 years imprisonment for anyone who rats out a “state seceret”. A lovely addition for whistle blowers and media in general of course. But don’t worry the government promises that it won’t be used for that…and since they are always so true to their word we all feel completely reassured now (sarcastic voice for everything after the … in case you missed it).

I do hope that the bill doesn’t make it past the other hurdles without at least some DRASTIC modifications, but as I said before, it’s probably only a matter of time. What did become clear yesterday from all the protests and the way it was pushed through regardlessly by the ANC with its two thirds majority, is that if you have any rights left in this country it’s only because they haven’t decided to take it from you (yet). It is in everyone’s interest that the next elections bring about a bigger and stronger opposition. Just putting it out there. Use it, don’t use it.

Now that concludes my political ramble (something which you don’t really expect to see here anyway since I hardly ever talk about it – and I don’t plan on making a habit of it in future either).

On to other things closer to home:

If you were in Johannesburg yesterday you probably got to see a beautiful storm along with us. It had everything a good storm needed to have, rain, hail-stones (in some areas as big as marbles in other as big as ping pong balls), thunder, lightning, mist, wind…general chaos and so on. When we were driving through the mist this morning Nicola asked me about it and I explained that we were driving through a cloud. She quite liked that idea and it led to much ooooh-oooooh-ing from her side. My vegetables seemed to have made it through more or less in tact. I think it helps that they are under trees. It looks like a bomb went off in the undergrowth, but on closer inspection none of the leaves belong to the vegetables so it’s all cool. Nicola was also very fascinated with the hail, and threw a big whopper because I wouldn’t let her eat it. Eventually I just relented and let her have a handful or so, which restored me to hero status in no time. 😉

Last night there was another episode of the same storm, and the weather was just too heavy to take a chance on bathing Nicola so we ended up going to bed really early. Everytime there was a rumble in the sky Nicola tried her best to climb into my PJs with me, I ended up wearing her like a scarf for some part of the evening, but it was a great cuddle and we fell asleep just before 19:00, which is kind of a small miracle in itself.

Oh…back to vegetables. Let me share this quickly with you. I had a bit of a surprise yesterday regarding herbs. As you know I have also started a herb garden in pots along with my veggies. As you also know, (i think I told you) my landlord orginally comes from the Netherlands. Well, after seeing my pot garden (as in garden in containers) take off, he’s started groing his own too. Mostly basil and parsley, and one bucket that I couldn’t identify and looked a bit like when the tomatoes started coming up.

Apparently they aren’t tomatoes…I’m not thrilled about this, but it really is none of my business. Hopefully either the macgafter business will take off like a rocket so I can start looking at buying a house, or I win the Lotto. Either one is fine by me.

And then lastly:

This morning one of my colleagues asked me how I was, to which I always answer that I’m brilliant (cause I am, even when things around me are not). He then tells me that that I am looking very fluffy this morning (perk of my new curlier hair and the humidity I suppose)…according to him that usually means that someone is pregnant. Huh?! Never heard of that before. I am going to be scrutinising all pregnant women I know to determine their fluffiness. I think he’s just messing with me, or trying to ask me in a creative way if I’m getting any? Lunatic… 😆

There’ll be another post a bit later on with the cookie recipe on it (Marcia asked). And I am again apologising to everyone for being so far behind with my comments on your blogs. I will try to catch up tonight!


  1. Our side of the world had the tail end of the storm – a bit of thunder,. but no hail and lots of rain.

  2. I am really tempted to grow my own basil. I LOVE basil pesto and it would probably be cheaper if I just grow it myself instead of buying it all the time!

  3. cat, how about last night? Here it rained like in days of Noah!

    acidicice, they grow like weeds. Someone clued me in that you must not allow them to flower or they die after that, but the more you pick the better it grows. Give it a try, especially if you eat a lot of basil.

  4. I’m LOVING the rain except yesterday when I drove home from the focus groups, I nearly died from the traffic frustration and remembered why I choose to work only 20 minutes from home!

  5. Yeah, the traffic is just horrendous when it rains…but since my traffic is always crap I don’t really mind. I love the rain!

  6. LOL! I am loving the summer rains! I just wish there was more!

  7. Me too…looks like we’re not getting them in the afternoons so much anymore – always at night.

  8. […] Anti secrecy bill (I wore black on Tuesdays for months on end for this one) […]

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