Bits and pieces, and other surprises

21 November , 2011

201109303395-001 First things first:

I got an award in two different places! Thank you Charlotte and Cinderella 😀

The way it works is that you have to:

  1. Tell 7 things about yourself
  2. Pass on the award to 15 others

So here goes on the 7 things (although you guys know so much already – it’s getting quite tricky coming up with things to say that you don’t already know)

  1. I always drive the speed limit (well almost always) – boring right?
  2. I appear to be allergic to chick peas at the moment
  3. I cannot stand the taste of normal tea, if I’m having tea it’s either rooibos or herbal
  4. If I could pick a super power I’d definitely want to fly
  5. I wear number 7 shoes, and I love shoes, I have two drawers in a filing cabinet just full of shoes…everything from ice skates to hiking boots, high heels, slippers, safety shoes and flip-flops and everything in between. I actively wear about 4 pairs though, the rest are just waiting for the right occasion.
  6. I do not like carnations. If you give me flowers with carnations in them I will not water them and most likely I won’t bring them in the house either. They remind me of death and funerals.
  7. The macgafter business I’ve been keeping myself busy with is a concentrated solar power boiler. 😉 (there’s a nice big reveal for you – more details later when all the ducks are in a row. I will just say that it is AWSEOME!)

And then I am passing this on to the following people (only play if you feel like it as always)

  1. Marcia
  2. Angel
  3. Tamara
  4. Phillygirl
  5. Laura
  6. Cat
  7. Cath
  8. Rubyletters
  9. Arkwife
  10. Rebecca
  11. Jenty
  12. Tamiya
  13. Momcat
  14. Julia
  15. Son

Right…that takes care of that.

Next thing: I have a guest post up on Charlotte’s blog on parenting styles. If you want to go see it, here’s the link: Lioness She said some lovely things about me so I’d appreciate it if you could pop by and leave a comment. 😉 Charlotte is doing a whole range of posts on parenting styles, and naturally I was tickled pink when she asked me to participate. The other posts have also been fun to read. It’s amazing how differently people tackle it. (Ps! I see I made a typo in my post so when you come across reference to diodad it’s meant to read biodad by the way).

And then the next thing:

We had a very peaceful weekend…it was lovely and just what we needed. Nicola and I even baked some peanut butter cookies! I think they came out great and I ate so many of them hot out of the oven that I ended up with a stomach cramp. 😆 Photos of course are not downloaded yet, but we’ll get there eventually.

I keep meaning to tell you about some of the cute things that Nicola is saying at the moment, and then when I look again another week has zipped by and you’re none the wiser. So here goes:

  • “Stupid Taxi” yes…three guesses where she picked that up
  • “Nee man!” with tongue smacking. This one is my dad’s fault. Whenever Nicola throws a tantrum about nothing he says, “Nee man! (tongue smack) Mens maak nie so nie”
  • “Ek het alles” again my dad in this one. When we leave there after a visit he always asks me if I’ve got everything and then I say yes. Now if you ask Nicola if she has (whatever) she says she’s got everything.
  • “Dis my happy birthday?” followed by “ Ek kan ‘n cuppietjie cake kry?” lots of kids in her class have their birthdays now, she’s really warming to the idea of having one too. 😉

There are PLENTY more, but I’ll post more next time.

And then lastly, work stuff and so on:

So weird, the auditor from this post found me on LinkedIn. A place, I may add, where I do not actually list where I work (it being secret and so on), and I never gave him my gmail either. Which leads me to believe that he specifically went looking for me there? Which also leads me to believe that he may or may not have found my blog too? To which I am happy to say I didn’t say anything nasty about auditors when I wrote about it. 😉

Snake-In-The-Grass has been acting very strange lately. I do not want to elaborate on that. Some of it good, some of it just plain odd. The other day, I swear the man looked at me like he wanted to take a bite of me…unsettling to say the least. *steering clear of all that*

Hope you all have a kick-ass week ahead (and that you’re the ones doing the kicking!)


  1. Blissful weekends are the shit!
    Very interesting, a boiler!??! Wow!
    And thank you for the award!!

  2. Thanks for the award. I’m with you on normal tea and carnations. Except I’ve recently spotted a bright magenta variety of carnation that’s also double the size of the normal ones. Very pretty. I don’t mind those.

    Yes, I do see you as a Lioness. Glad you and your cub had a good weekend. Peanut butter anything is amazing. Warm cookies out the oven… super yummy!

  3. Angel, you are very very welcome… 😉

    Tamara, I am happy to hear I’m not alone on the carnations thing. A lot of people just don’t get it. Those cookies are the business…seriously good. I’m auditioning some recipes for a few home made gifts for the end of the year. i reckon this one’s a keeper (if I can keep my hands off it long enough to pack them for someone else).

  4. Thanks sweetie – and I do not like carnations either. Really not. And I have safety shoes too (goes with the job). Off to read.

  5. cat, my safety shoes went with the job I used to have. Haven’t worn them in almost 5 years, but I still like having them. 😉 Glad to see you agree on the carnations.

  6. Will do my homework – just about 3 months behind with just about everything in my life 🙂

  7. I don’t mind carnations at all 🙂 (have to be the voice of dissent, right?) and I love normal tea – I can’t stand rooibos.

    thanks for the award… I may or may not play along 🙂

    Listen, I posted a comment on that other blog but it’s not there/….

  8. pse post the recipe for your peanut butter cookies!

    are they drop cookies? or roll out ones?

    If roll-out, then I won’t be making them – i have a hate relationship with flour messing up my kitchen! 🙂

  9. Awww…thank you for the award. I only drive the speed limit in the suburbs. When I’m on the freeway I put my foot down already! And I quite like carnations. Your MacGafter business sounds interesting.Can’t wait to hear more.

  10. Son, sounds about how I feel – 3 months behind with everything! 😉

    Marcia, someone’s got to like them or no one would sell them anymore. That’s okay… 😆 I’ll keep an eye out for that comment, maybe it ended up in the spam catcher? i know when you just started commenting here I had to go release your comments a couple of times before Akismet started liking you.

    Oh, and the cookies: Will do. They’re roll into little balls cookies (and flatten with fork), and no flower on the countertops, I promise. The recipe actually comes from a kiddies cookbook my mom bought be when I was a little girl. If i can do it, it’s practically foolproof.

    Julia, I used to speed a little bit on the highways too…but not anymore. I don’t like to with Nicola in the car and the fines are just not in my budget even when I’m alone. More on the macgafter as soon as I can. 😉

  11. Awe, thanks for the award cuz 🙂 Carnations always remind me of the tissue paper flowers I used to make as a kid. Or bad buttonhole arrangements. I love tea though 😉 (Oh, and don’t be surprised if you also get cookies for Christmas)

  12. arkwife, 😆 but do you LIKE them?
    You are going to be amazed when you find out what I’ve been busy with regarding Cristmas crafts. I have been a busy little bee, I’ll tell you that much!

  13. Nicola is saying LONG sentences already! What a clever girl!

  14. acidicice, yip. 😀 And a lot of it is talking back at me 😆 She’s really picking up vocab now like it’s a race!

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