It’s coming…

15 November , 2011

201109253369 I am so far behind with posting and commenting, that if I was a person prone to panicking I would be in a cold sweat round about now. Don’t any one of you go deleting things I’ve read but not commented on yet, ‘kay? 😉 At least I have managed to download all the weekend photos last night, but I couldn’t post them because stupid Vodacom’s 3G was off in my area (again). Maybe tonigt?

Nicola is a bit sick at the moment, but at least no fevers (thank goodness). Last night, or shall I say early this morning she woke up for a bottle and a bit of a moan and coughing fit. After I got her settled again I went to the bathroom quickly and there I saw one of the biggest bloody rain spiders I have ever laid eyes on! 12:35 is not an ideal time to call Pasja to come catch it…so as much as I doubted that Law of Damages was up to the task of smiting this enormous beast I closed the door and went to fetch it.

However, after getting the book and giving myself a serious pep talk, when I opened the door the critter was missing! Not cool. I know it’s there somewhere…waiting…lurking…getting ready to pounce! The part of me that is eternal optimist wants to believe that it took the opportunity to skidaddle out the window while I was fetching my weapon. The part of me that is not that eternal optimist suspects that it is hiding in my fluffy towel or has taken cover in my bloody laundry basket or make up drawer (or even the drawer for toilet paper – just imagine what might happen if I need to get a new roll and encounter THAT!).

I have already asked Pasja to put some time aside this afternoon to help me hunt it down. We’ll be moving things around and opening stuff until we find it.

I can’t exactly leave all the windows closed for the critters with the spectacular heat waves we’re having lately – but I am considering getting some of those wire mesh gedoentetjies to fit over the windows that I want to open, after pay day. Yip…I think that’s actually a bloody marvellous idea. Let the great outdoors remain outdoors and so on.



  1. The mere thought of a spider (of any shape or size) disappearing in my house makes me break out in an ice cold petrified sweat O_o

  2. I’m procrastinating and reading blogs even though I shouldn’t 🙂

    hope you find that spider soon.

    And now I need to write some back and front matter for my book.

  3. Ruby, you know what? I reckon by the time I move from this cottage I might be completely over my spider thing. There are just soooo many that i have had to kill. The fact that I was willing to take on a rain spider (massive) with Law of Damages goes to show how far I’ve come already.

    Marcia, thanks…but we didn’t find it. It haunts the bathroom now. Good luck with the writing!

  4. Ag no man – spiders are great. They help to keep the mozzies at bay. Have a quick look at my post of today – maybe you want one?

  5. I’ll go have a look. The spiders can catch the mozzies outside, thank you very much.

  6. Sjoe. I don’t know about spiders hey….could you possibly fumigate and get rid of ALL OF THEM?

  7. Julia. I don’t want any poison in the house with Nicola there. she still pretty much sticks just about anything in her mouth.

  8. I wish I could have the spiders you have… 😦 My kitties kill any spiders that deign invade their territory!

  9. So what you’re saying is that I need a cat? 😉

  10. The secret is having ivy nearby Angel – they will come, in quantities that even all your cats won’t be able to keep up with.

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