I can have a Friday?

11 November , 2011

201109223322This has been the week of the headache that would not die for me! I took a sick day yesterday and spent most of it in bed actually…today I feel much better! πŸ˜€

I’m sure this crazy heat wave must have something to do with it? Thank goodness we’ve been able to go for a swim at my parents’ place almost every night this week to cool down, or otherwise I’d have to hose myself down along with the vegetables when I come home (I may or may not be doing that already – or should I say Nicola likes to water me too, plus for some reason no watering experience is complete for her unless she’s watered her spiderman slippers, the table and chairs and most of the gravel too. She likes water *shrug*).

I am happy to say that as far as the everything-crafted-Christmas is concerned I am coming along quite nicely. I haven’t done everything yet, but at least I know exactly what still needs to be done. I promise loads of pictures and so on once I’ve actually given the gifts. Most of Nicola’s gifts won’t be handmade though (but there are a few), and she’s got plenty coming up. First it’s the school Christmas party on the 18th of November, bought her something noisy and fluffy for that. Then she’s got her birthday coming up on the 19th of December (with a massive party) and then the real Christmas. Rough time of the year…but we like our festive.

One of the things I’m putting together needs a bit of decoupage on it. Something I have never done before, butΒ I reckon it can’t be too difficult and google should be able to point me in the right direction (which it has). So far it’s looking very good, it’s a bit trickier than some of the how-to guides led me to believe, but I think it will come out just peachy anyway. I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been up to. I am having so much fun with this whole handmade gift business. And you know that it all takes TIME and loads of it, so when you get something like that from me…it’s made with love…and it’s made specifically for you. That I think makes it pretty rad gift.

I’ll leave you with a Nicola funny for today: When we’re at my parents place, Nicola likes to follow people around. Especially people who look like they’re up to something they don’t necessarily want her to help with or people who are headed to places where she doesn’t necessarily usually get to go to. We’ve come into the habit of shouting “Stert!” (tail) whenever we see her trailing someone who’s not aware of it. It works well in the way of warnings. However Nicola has now picked up on this custom and starts shouting “Stert! Stert! Stert!” herself when she follows someone. πŸ˜† Very cute!

The other thing she does is asking for things in sentences. When she really wants something (especially when she knows she can’t have it) she like to tilt her head to the one side and adjust the cadence of her voice up. It’s amazing how they know just how to do that all by themselves. She’s stringing together quite impressive sentences but sometimes the word order is slightly out, that or she’s trying some sort of NLP on me? Let me give you an example: Instead of saying “Can I have an apple?” she’ll say, “I can have an apple?” (add head tilt and voice and replace apple with sweets and you’ve more or less got it). πŸ˜‰ It’s more of a statement than a question when she does it that way, cracks me up when she does it.

Hope you all have a super weekend! (and that you have access to a pool)



  1. And I thought you were referencing “I can haz a cheezburger” πŸ™‚

  2. Also thought you were referencing “I can haz cheeseburger”.
    Am more or less sorted on the handmade gifts. Have 90% of materials so will slowly make a start.
    Love the NLP and I hope you have a restful, headache-free weekend.x

  3. Tamara, hahaha! No. I like the occasional LOL cat but I don’t go round quoting them. πŸ˜‰

    Julia, thank you. There are only two more ingredients I need to get all mine done, but I have enough to get cracking on some of the big ones so long…plus it won’t hurt to have another payday between me and the rest of it either.

  4. Our December is also rather expensive, uhm, festive – with my birthday, our anniversary and Christmas in 3 weeks.

  5. cat, ours have always been a bit festive that way…my brother’s birthday is on the 21st, and so is my one aunt’s, then I have another uncle on the 22nd, one on the 23rd, and then Christmas…and now Nicola on the 19th!

  6. Aw I can’t believe its almost her birthday! Wow!

  7. Crazy right? My little pink terrorist is almost 2…time really does fly.

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