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9 November , 2011

201110283833 201110283835

This bit is specifically for Marcia ‘s craft linkup since I can’t exactly post my Christmas present projects until I give them out. I just used some string, a sosatie stick and some butterfly stickers back to back. The idea was that they would flutter when I put the fan on and be entertaining to a certain little pink terrorist…she however had different ideas and insisted on plucking them roughly 5 minutes after I hung them.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted? *shrug*

201110273821This was with the big march from JHB to PTA of the ANCYL when they danced past our building. I posted it facebook at the time, but I only managed to download my photos now to put it up here too.

201110283843This was a picture I took for Julia to show her what I looked like a few years ago after a serious bout of comfort eating. Just LOOK at my chubby little cheeks 😆 I keep this picture in my purse because it always cheers me up. 😉 (the one next to it is of course now, before my haircut and after 6 hours of standing in a stupid queue in the wind).

201110303909 Behold! My splinter that I told you about. That came out of my foot and it hurt like hell. What do we learn from this kids? If you’re going out into the sticks (pun intended) don’t wear flip-flops.

My foot is not quite right yet, but it looks like it’ll sort itself out with a bit of time.

201111023942 I see…not a secret agent then? 😉

201111084025 I took this photo this afternoon. I just love the light that comes in through our front door at that time of day. You can’t really see it in this picture but everything in the house just goes kind of golden.

201111043962Our landlord, Robbie, who always brings me coffee and home made chocolate chip cookies if he sees me tinkering outside.



  1. Daai is nie ‘n splinter nie … genade gehasie … dis ‘n wannabe assegaai!!!

  2. Dis wat ek ook gedink het!

  3. Thats not a splinter its a STICK!!!!! How did you not need to be hospitalised? Seriously I would have admitted myself!

  4. Hahaha, I thought about it. 😉 Well, at first I couldn’t see it since it snapped off in my foot…then I hobbled around on it for a few hours (while Clayton called me a sissy) and drove home in agony. After I got it nicely cleaned up I could clearly see there was still something inside and then my dad kindly operated on my foot using a needle and a pair of tweezers and yanked it out. Meanwhile Nicola saw that he had my one foot and she took the other one and tried to “help” with whatever we were doing. Then I just kept a close eye on it to make sure that it didn’t get infected.

  5. Now that’s a great landlord in my books! And auch! Gee girl – you are made of strong stuff – ou Voortrekker bloed.

  6. cat, my landlord is a dear, honestly. He’s always polite and helpful, and we have lovely chats when I feel like it. When I look like I don’t want company he stays out of our way. It’s really more or less perfect. And on Voortrekkers: Ek hou koers al die pad! 😉 Alhoewel ek sal erken dat ek beter doen met kort termyn pyn as langtermyn pyn. Steek my eerder met ‘n mes as wat jy vir my tandpyn gee.

  7. I love the butterflies!

    And late afternoon sunshine is awesome. So rich and happy somehow.

    Glad that piece of wood is no longer inside your foot. Eina.

  8. I thought it was pretty too 🙂 Nicola insisted on plucking them and trying to eat a few before setting them free in my car mostly. I am also very relieved that I don’t have that in me anymore…just imagine it broke into pieces once inside, that would not have been pretty.

  9. Ek dink dit is fantasties dat Nicola so lief is vir water! En vir bome. Ag, en die geselsie met die mier, te dierbaar. Sy is ‘n regte “flower child”. Kan nie wag om haar in Desember te ontmoet nie.

  10. Sunnyfisch, sy is nogals – jy gaan mal wees oor haar sonder twyfel. 😀

  11. Yikes! That is a HUGE splinter! Glad it’s out. And your pic STILL cheers me up when I need it to. THANK YOU.x

  12. Anytime Julia, I’m happy to share my pick-me-ups. 🙂

  13. That splinter is fargin huge!!! Holy crap!!!
    I can’t get over the difference in your license pictures!!!

  14. I know right?! 😆

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