Imagine that!

8 November , 2011

It seems like the blocking has left as mysteriously as it arrived (or big brother is watching – in which case thank you omnipotent security people of the secret place, for allowing me my daily rant once more).

201109233325Yesterday morning started a bit off kilter when a stupid wasp flew into our bathroom window and decided to chill on the Glade Pine Forrest or whatever toilet spray. Awesome.

Doom/Target or something similar might be pretty useless against spiders but it works a charm on wasps as far as I know – pity I don’t keep any in the house in case Nicola gets hold of it. I really did not enjoy the idea of taking a swipe at the wasp with Law of Damages (spider killing text book of choice). I mean really! Have you seen how fast and crazy those things move. Plus they don’t die politely like bees when they sting you, they keep stinging until you stop pissing them off or you die. This meant that if I was going to do it I would have to close the bathroom door so it couldn’t accidentally get to Nicola, and Nicola is in one of her clingy phases (with the added benfit of not actually wanting me to hold her) so my morning was going to be pretty shitty either way you looked at it.

After rummaging around a bit I tried spraying it with perfume to get it to shoo back out the window, no joy. Then I found some spray on Deep Heat and gave that a bash. Poor thing, not a nice way to go (sorry dude, I didn’t have anything else and you wouldn’t go!). It didn’t exactly kill it, but made it uncomfortable enough to move from the toilet spray to the window sill. I gave it another blast to try and encourage it to bugger off. No joy. By now the whole cottage smelled of Deep Heat…intensely.

The window sill is flat enough to take a quality swipe at it with Law of Damages. Plus it was kind of distracted with trying to clean the haze of spray out of its eyes. I smacked it to kingdom come to the great entertainment of Nicola, who grabbed her Heidi book and was smacking make believe wasps all over the place too. I smacked it so hard the first time (which is really the shot that counts in the grand scheme of things) that I scattered various toiletries  that were minding their own business clean off the window sill too. After I disposed of the Deep Heated and flattened wasp I had to go pick up my moisturiser outside. I still reeked of Deep Heat by the time I got to the office.

It was not the best morning ever.

The rest of my day kind of dragged on a bit. I developed a KILLER headache by the time I headed home (which I still have today, and which is why I went to bed at 20:00 and didn’t even get online for anything). Nicola’s teacher told me that she had a rough day too. She wasn’t about to suffer in silence and gave me some good quality tantrums on everything from her blanky being washed when she wanted it, to the vegetables and how she was the only one allowed to water them, to how dare I put her down to cook dinner, to she doesn’t want to bath, to she doesn’t want to get out of the bath, to she doesn’t want to sleep, to she wants Ouma, to she doesn’t want me to sleep in my own bed, to what she wants to watch on the laptop isn’t there, and, and, and…

It was exhausting quite frankly. If I had any stpoayne left I would have taken it myself!

My head ache is still with me, even worse than yesterday. I really think I should have taken a sick day and stayed in bed today – maybe I’ll just leave early. I hope your week is off to a better start that mine?



  1. Jammer oor jou kopseer – probeer Mibulon – dit werk soos ‘n bom. Ek het nou lekker gelag vir jou Deap Heat Wasp 😆

  2. Dankie Son, ek sal dit probeer. Goggas is die ding wat ek nie geniet omtrent die somer nie. Uitstekende weer, verskriklike goggas. Poef weer in die winter, selfs die goggas is nie lus om op te staan nie. Ek lewe van Lente na Herfs en andersom! 😉

  3. Eish lady….i believe a sick day is in order in deed! hope the head feels better soonest!

  4. Thanks Aunty Ruby 😉 Hehehe, sorry – I couldn’t resist.

  5. Gosh you have had quite a run in with the goggas. Hope you are better today. Myprodol rocks

  6. Deep Heat, gonna give that a try next time.

  7. Are you better today?

    I’m useless if I get a headache and this heat doesn’t help either.

    Make sure you’re well hydrated tomorrow – it’s going to be 30!

  8. cat, yip – they’re all out to get me! 😆 I can’t have myprodol, it’s not compatible with my stomach ulcer.

    Fairy Girl, hahaha – yes but make sure you get to leave the house straight after. 😉

    Marcia, much better thanks. I’ll have some extra fluids, thanks for the heads up.

  9. Wow. you weren’t kidding when you told me your week hasn’t been great. Hope you feel better soonest and that the week improves!

  10. Thanks Tamara!

  11. I battled with a headache and a half for most of last week… I attributed it to the heat. I dehydrate far too easily.
    So what does the bottom of your book look like…

  12. Angel, the book is holding up quite well. I give it a swipe with a wet wipe after each use.

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