Monday! (now once more with feeling)

7 November , 2011

201109213308 We came back yesterday from a weekend away in Nylstroom (Modimolle). It was my dad’s school reunion and they made a family thing of it. Of course there were loads of great photo opportunities with Nicola (she really just gets cuter every day!), but it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

On Friday night she was so wound up by the car trip there and the new surroundings that she only fell asleep just before midnight, and Saturday night she got quite sick and threw up at the banquet. I think she may have had a bit too much sun, plus she refused to eat more or less all weekend, and she absolutely refused to drink anything during the day Saturday.

Also, I fell off the stop smoking bandwagon…but I’ll get on again.

Anyhoo, loads of stories, loads of photos (not downloaded yet)…but since I’ve now more or less unpacked everything and it’s just about midnight I think I’m going to bed and I’ll catch up with you again later.



  1. Right. I’m all caught up now. Yay!

    Sounds like an eventful weekend. At least there were some roses and sunshine! Looking forward to pics.

  2. You say that now, but just wait till I clog up your reader with THOUSANDS of shots of Nicola playing in the kiddies pool. 😉

  3. oh my gosh! okay, please don’t tell D (are you still coming to bake with me?) about Nicola travelling – I have just about got him round to the idea of driving to Dbn

  4. Hahaha! My lips are sealed…we might be heading that way too in February for a week. I may have to be drunk to get through it unless I get her a portable DVD player for the car (I’m not driving, so either way is fine by me).

    I haven’t got the cookie bake date down in my diary yet, I think I was waiting for you to confirm. 😉 How’s next week Sunday grab you?

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