Thursday ramble

3 November , 2011

201109223320 πŸ˜† It was bound to happen eventually…silly security has cottoned onto the fact that blogs somehow got unblocked for a bit, and re-blocked it. “Whoop”. I know I for one will sleep better at night now that we are safe from the evils of WordPress and Blogger.You’d swear they didn’t have real problems.

Can not wait to get out of there.

I have a few things happening at the moment, but FireFox is annoying me so much tonight that I feel like punching a hole in my screen every time it hangs. It’ll have to wait…and I also have a fair bit of packing still to do since we’re going on out first away weekend to Nylstroom tomorrow.

Wish me luck! It’s about half an hour further than Nicola can sit still in the car for. We’ll probably leave a bit later so maybe she’ll sleep. *fingers crossed*

Oh! One last thing before I carry on with my packing: I’ve been playing on Google Sites with the domain we bought for the Macgafter (not done yet, so I can’t show you). It is not at all like blogging, just so you know. I fumble around in the menus and by accident find something I was looking for…not 20 minutes later and I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how the hell I got to it again to begin with. I finally manage to put a “watch this space” thingy together…and realise Clayton is the administrator so I can’t bloody publish it anyway. πŸ˜†

There has to be an easier way?!

This might be one of those things that we’ll just end up contracting out to a pro (or I very likely could end up punching a whole in my screen and then I’ll be working blind! If you see a lot of typos coming through you know what happened).



  1. Ai, silly security ! Hope the weekend was great

  2. I guess they’re just trying to do their jobs…but it sucks. Weekend was good, post coming up.

  3. Heh heh… The pros are expensive…

  4. True, but some of them are definitely worth it.

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