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2 November , 2011


My foot is looking much better, thanks everyone for worrying with me. Just wait till I get round to downloading my weekly photos, when you see that splinter you’ll know why this was such an issue to begin with.

We had a nasty surprise this week. And when I say we I mean I did, Nicola was not fussed at all about the whole thing. Picture this: lying in bed, reading a book, minding my own business, Nicola already fast asleep. Suddenly I spy with my little eye (the corner of it anyway) an eight-legged-beast! Right behind my laptop on the wall!! Roughly 30cm away from my head!!! (Why yes, I intended to use that many exclamation marks for this – it’s serious!). Of course I jumped up to go get The Law of Damages (my spider slaying text book of choice), but when I got back beast was missing and I couldn’t find it at all. You can just imagine how well I slept, knowing that it was lurking there somewhere in the room, watching me…

The next day while we were at work and school the beast decided to itsy-bitsy-spider it up the wall and hang out near the ceiling (the spider itself being not itsy-bitsy at all, somewhere between a daddy long legs and a rain spider in size, and it jumps too not just a scurrying one – you know how I “love” jumping spiders, right).

I asked Pasja to come get it…and I promised not to watch since I scream when I see them move and I almost gave the poor kid a heart attack the last time. The beast fell down and scampered in behind the bed, Pasja tracked him down (as well as a nest!) and killed them all – my hero. 🙂 I have no idea what kind of spider it was, but it wasn’t a rain spider. Even Pasja said this one freaked him out and he’s not even scared of spiders. Nicola was very excited about the whole business and kept pointing at it saying, “Kyk Mamma…Spinnekoppie!”

In other news: did you know…that both pumpkin and cucumber plants have thorns? Want to take a guess how I know that? 😉 That which you see on the plant that looks like little hairs, are not in fact little hairs, they are little thorns. The next time I decide to yank off a couple of dead leaves I’m definitely doing it with gloves or a pruning shears. They don’t hurt really, it’s not exactly a tickle either…and they get stuck in your skin and give off a bit of an itch. My beans have finally realised that they’re mean to be getting a move on the climbing business. In one week they scaled the structure I built for them and they’re trying to climb Robbie’s sugar cane at the moment (and soon they will reach the sky so that we may climb them and hear the giant say “Fee fi fo fum” ourselves). I keep moving them away from the other plants, but it takes them just a couple of hours to adjust themselves back to where they were. When I get home today I will not be surprised to see they’ve cleared the roof and taken over the backyard trees while I was gone. I’ll keep you posted.

Other than that…I’ve started receiving the usual increase letters for this time of the year. Medical aid is going up with about R300 a month, Nicola’s school is going up with about R300 a month, and, and, and. Great, just great…



  1. I did know about the cucumbers – they are rather vicious plants – I had them growing with butternut and tomatoes last year and it was like a war out there – they tomatoes actually “strangle” the other plants.

    I couldnt read the whole spider story *blush*

    Argh increases increases increases – I got the kids school fee letter this week – I glanced at it and put it in Ds pigeon hole!

  2. I did not know about the plants!

    I am ok with spiders – not so with rodents or snakes

    Oh and the increaseas – gee!

  3. I know! We got our ADT letter and it’s on my list to phone around and get a cheaper quote….

    the spider would just KILL me!

    K brought me a WORM the other day and I screamed!

  4. Laura, try living the spider story. stupid neighbours with their spider invested stupid ivy. Grrr… My tomato has been very well behaved and so far is sticking to its own container (although it looks like it’s taking out the marigolds I planted in there to protect it).

    cat, we haven’t had any rodents or snakes there (yet). I think I might be able to deal with A rodent, but if it comes in a tribe I might just give notice and move. The though of a snake in our little place with us actually gives me the sweats. There really isn’t enough space for it to hide from us, or for us to hide from it.

    Marcia, what kind of worm? Earth worm I could deal with, one of those hairy green ones, maybe not so much. Remind me to tell you a story about worms when i next see you face-to-face. 😉

  5. Someone told me that the way to stop eight legged beasties from enjoying the inside of your house is to put horse chestnuts (or conkers to the less posh people) on your window sills. My advice is don’t do it. The only time I tried it I caught a huge spider sitting on top of one looking nonchalantly at me.

  6. Mwahaha, I don’t think I would know where to get them anyway – but I’ll stay clear, thanks! My mom just bought some or another thing you plug into a socket that’s meant to terrorise away ants, spiders and any old bug. she reckons it works…I’m waiting to see if it really does before I get one. (or two, so I can take one with me wherever I go!)

  7. I think your spider story successfully provided me with nightmare material for the next couple of months. A NEST???!?!?!?!?!?!

    Glad Pasja managed to sort that out for you!

  8. Oh! and i bought two of those thingymabobs that you plug into the sockets for the bugs/spiders. it seems to work….there are a lot of spiders in the complex in general, but since getting them (like 8 months ago) i’ve only had 2 spiders inside the house. So i think they work:)

  9. Ruby, yip A NEST! Under my freakin bed – add that to your nightmare, it’s important. If those thingamabobs work then I simply must have it. MUST!

    In the last two months, I am not lying, when I say that I’ve personally killed at least 40 spiders (mostly tiny ones, and 2 biggish ones). I can’t get myself to kill a rain spider, I’d need to get too close to it to do it. That or my aim at slinging text books will have to improve drastically. I don’t keep any poison in the house because of Nicola, not that any of those spray can poisons is actually any good at killer raboebies anyway.

    If I can get something that will inspire them to stay outside I’ll leave them alone.

  10. Well done on the veggie growing!! Wow!

  11. Thank you! 😀

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