Quick Update

31 October , 2011


  • Nicola did REALLY well in the concert on Saturday, and afterwards we all went to the Spur to celebrate. She obviously had a bit more fun on the playground than on the stage – but everything was good.
  • On Sunday Nicola stayed with my folks in the morning while I went through to Clayton’s for some more Macgafter work. We got a lot done and he even went to show me the plot where more Macgafter work will be done soon.
  • I injured myself at the plot. I should have worn proper shoes but was acting invincible in my flip-flops so I got a 20mm stupid splinter lodged in my foot. I do not consider myself a ninny when it comes to pain but that hurt like crazy! Luckily my dad helped me get it out after I cleaned the wound up a bit (I have a photo of course, but I haven’t downloaded yet). Unfortunately the stick was charred from what I assume was a veldfire, and some of that nasty may still be in my foot somewhere. It’s looking a bit pink today, so I may just pop in to the doctor’s for a little something-something. I really would like to not pick up blood poisoning or some other exciting infection.
  • Other than that I’m playing site supervisor again today for the floors at SteamCleaner’s house. The traffic coming here is muuuuch better than all the way into town. 😉
  • My vegetables are really loving the rainy weather and storms. Luckily so far they have been unscathed by the hail, and the cucumber has blossoms now too! (So does the basil and I didn’t even know they flowered)





  1. Of course she did a fantastic job!

    Um, please go to the doc. you don’t want tetanus poisoning…….

  2. Yes! Go to the Dr PLEASE?

  3. Yay for a cute concert! Did you end up going to a doctor for your foot?

  4. Hope that foot is better and well done to Nicola! And the veggies.

  5. I got some stuff to rub on it now and I’m keeping a close eye on the situation…any sign of flare up and I’m there before you can blink your eyes! I know a guy who lost his leg after stepping in some dirty glass and leaving it too long. Trust me, I’m not taking chances with this.

  6. Busy doing a big catch up on your blog. Have missed being able to read!

    Just a note on basil – you should pinch out the flowers as soon as you see the plant starting to bud to prolong the plant’s life and stop the taste of the leaves from changing post-blooming.

  7. Tamara, thanks! One of my pals popped in for coffee the other day and when she saw it went to down on plucking any offending blooms out. Apparently they die after that…who knew?! 😆 And there I was admiring the flowers.

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